Aragon (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Aragon

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Aragon
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Battlefield medic
Sub-group: Powerdasher, Weaponizer
Timeline: Generation 1

I have no desire to stand tall. I kneel, to treat the wounded.


Transformers Siege Aragon robot mode
Like his fellow Powerdashers, Aragon was just an ordinary civilian 'bot before joining the Autobots. A native of Velocitron, Aragon's quiet nature, calmness and deliberate pace stand in stark contrast to the stereotype of the impatient, gotta-go-fast citizens of Velocitron. That doesn't stop Zetar nicknaming him "F-1 Dasher" because of his place of origin, but it comes across as an ironic nickname, given Aragon is happy to spend a dozen solar cycles studying textbooks rather than racing around like his Velocitronian brethren. This does not mean that Aragon doesn't know a thing or two about speed. On Velocitron, Aragon was a mechanic, working in the pits of Velocitron's high-speed race courses. Aragon specialised in performing tire changes and other maintenance tasks at speed; training which has served Aragon well on the battlefields of Cybertron, where Aragon has become an expert field medic. Aragon specialises in recovering and stabilising the wounded - racing into no-man's land at great speed to find those who have been wounded, patch them up, and evacuate them, all at great speed. Aragon's life-saving skill and daring rescues have earned him a lot of respect among the Autobots, but in spite of it all, Aragon remains humble. In his own eyes, he's just a simple mechanic doing his job.

Powers and Abilities:

Aragon carries a pair of circuit welders in his robot mode. These are intended for medical use and can apply an anesthetic effect to damaged Cybertronians. However, they can also be used in defence to disable machinery or knock out a hostile opponent. Aragon transforms into an all-terrain half-track vehicle, which can divide itself into two autonomous modules to cover wide areas quickly when Aragon is dispatched on search and rescue operations. These modules can operate independently over a range of 30 miles.

As a weaponizer, Aragon is able to divide his body further into modules that can be equipped by other Autobots. In this form Aragon bestows system-disrupting abilities on whomever equips him, as well as a self-repair healing factor. This can be used to provide life support to a damaged warrior until they can receive proper treatment.


Aragon is not well-suited to combat, and is deeply unsettled by the violence of the battlefield. The visions of the more horrific injuries he's witnessed haunt him - as do the memories of those he has failed to save. Aragon refuses to talk to anyone about this, and his mental state has suffered as a result. Additionally, like many Transformers with modular alternate forms, any pain inflicted on one of Aragon's vehicle forms will be felt by the other module.

All-terrain half-track mode:

Transformers Siege Aragon all terrain half track mode Transformers Siege Aragon twin vehicle modes

Weaponizer modes:

Transformers Siege Aragon weaponizer defensive loadout Transformers Siege Aragon weaponizer offensive loadout

Author notes:

For Aragon, when I approached writing his bio (as he's a blank slate with no real past characterisation), I started with the "F-1 Dasher" name and an idea from my Zetar bio that the Powerdashers should be working class bots. That gave me the idea of having him serve as a pit crew on the speed planet Velocitron, and from there it was logical to have him work as a battlefield medic. The rest really wrote itself - and I was thinking of a particular scene in Transformers Energon when I came up with the "link up life support" ability. Essentially in Energon Prowl was injured and had to stay combined while he healed. It was a really cool concept that I wanted to use for a medic combiner, as it demonstrates how combining doesn't have to always be about power boosts.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Aragon

Transformers Siege Aragon

Transformers Siege Aragon robot mode posed Transformers Siege Aragon dashing in the air Transformers Siege Aragon posed shooting
Yes, I bought the three pack just to get Aragon. And it was worth it, too - he looks awesome. The deco is really nice, and the retooled head suits the mold perfectly. Cog was already a great toy, and this one just pops a bit more with that red deco. Well worth it, but a pity you need to buy a three pack to get him.

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