Sideswipe (Generation 2) (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe
On the battlefield, if you don't bend the rules, you get broken.

Generation 2 Autobot symbol
Name: Sideswipe
Targetmaster partner: Trenchfoot
Allegiance: Autobots
Sub-group: Firestormers (former)
Function: Drill sergeant
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Siege


Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe robot mode
Some Autobots found it hard to fit into a more peaceful era of Cybertronian history. Take Sideswipe. After the end of the Great War he formed a mercenary company - the Firestormers - rather than lay down his weapons. With the Neo-Decepticons on the rise, Sideswipe was happy to sign on as Optimus Prime's second-in-command and lend his battlefield experience to training the younger members of Optimus' new team. The years of battle - and allied casualties - have hardened Sideswipe, making him less prone to rash action, but also much more ruthless when it comes to engagement with the enemy.

Sideswipe's new Targetmaster partner, Trenchfoot, is a foul-mouthed former aeronautical engineer who once dreamed of voyaging to distant stars in a spaceship of his own construction, before an accident put an end to his promising career. He teamed up with Sideswipe and the Firestormers when their paths crossed, realising that a) he could do something positive with his life and b) he could finally realise his dream by tagging along with this Autobot mercenaries.


Sideswipe retains many of his original abilities, including his rocket pack and piledrivers in his arms capable of exerting up to 8,000 pounds of force on impact. However, Sideswipe now also possesses a number of enhancements. He has upgraded his shoulder-mounted rocket launcher into a Photo-Pulser Proton Launcher, and carries a Gyro Blaster capable of disabling the guidance systems of enemy weapons. Sideswipe has also added a tritanium broad sword to his arsenal for close combat situations.  Additionally, his rocket pack now allows for up to 40 minutes of flight before refueling is necessary.

His Targetmaster partner Trenchfoot transforms into a foxhole counterblast cannon, and can fire powerful bolts of plasma energy which are specifically calibrated for the demolition of enemy fortifications and dugouts.


Although Sideswipe is no longer the rash hothead of his youth, the wounds he suffered in those days occasionally cause him some trouble - and he's still at heart an Autobot who'll dive head-first into danger with barely a second thought. Sideswipe suffers no small amount of survivor guilt for all the fellow Autobots - including his brother, Sunstreaker - who have not been so fortunate to survive to the end of the great Cybertronian wars.

Sports car mode:

Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe sports car mode

Additional images of Sideswipe:

Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe posed shooting Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe posed running Transformers Siege Covert Clone Sideswipe and Trenchfoot

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Author notes:

This is the "covert clone" version of Sideswipe from Transformers Siege. My original idea for this bio was to work in the "covert clone" angle by having Sideswipe secretly be a clone of the original - hence the differences in his personality being more than just maturation - and have Trenchfoot be the one who helped clone Sideswipe, and tag along with him, just to make sure he's doing okay. That didn't really fit into the narrative flow, but it is very much in my head for this character.

Trenchfoot is at least partially inspired by Final Fantasy VII's Cid Highwind. That's because I kept getting his name wrong and calling him "Trenchmouth", and that led me to making him a potty-mouth, which in turn made me think of Final Fantasy VII's version of Cid.

This toy makes me very happy. I'd always wanted a Generation 2 Sideswipe for my Classics collection as I loved the G2 Sideswipe deco. I'm extremely glad to finally own a version of the deco, doubly so to have it on a toy that I'd passed on originally, meaning this one is unique in my collection. It's an excellent toy with a simple yet satisfying transformation and a great range of poseability. The Cybertronian vehicle mode works well as a high-tech supercar - especially for the Generation 2 look which tended to tread the line between realism and high-tech sci-fi vehicles.