Terror-Daxtyl (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Siege Terror Daxtyl in flight
That's the thing about us spies: we uncover your muck and lies.

Decepticon faction symbol
Name: Terror-Daxtyl
Allegiance: Decepticons
Sub-group: Phantomstrike Squadron (former)
Function: Covert surveillance
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Siege


Transformers Siege Terror Daxtyl Robot Mode
The world of Terror-Daxtyl is one of intrigue, espionage, and blackmail. A former member of the Decepticon black operations unit, the Phantomstrike Squadron, Terror-Daxtyl is an equal of Laserbeak in terms of spying, silently observing and recording everything from the shadows. Unlike Laserbeak, Terror-Daxtyl also spies on his own allies to learn all their dirty secrets so he can blackmail fellow Decepticons to further his own agenda. As a result, very few Decepticons trust or want to be around Terror-Daxtyl. Just about the only Decepticon who tolerates him is Skywarp, and that's mostly because Skywarp has worked out that Terror-Daxtyl's plasma crossbow mode makes for a pretty decent flankstrike axe - much to Terror-Daxtyl's eternal irritation, and the amusement of the other Decepticons.


Terror-Daxtyl is equipped with gravity-dampeners in his wings which allow for silent flight at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet. Sophisticated audio and visual sensors in his head allow him to observe his targets in all kinds of conditions - such as low-light or poor atmospheric conditions - and to discern individual sounds even in noisy industrial areas. Unlike many spies, Terror-Daxtyl does not download the majority of this audio and visual data into some vast databank. He instead possesses an eidetic memory, which frustrates many who break into his quarters in search of his "secret archive of secrets". Terror-Daxtyl's plasma crossbow mode makes use of his gravity-dampeners to propel bolts of super-heated plasma at speeds of up to 200mph. When Terror-Daxtyl is swung as an axe these dampeners are involuntarily triggered to increase the density of his wings as he flinches at the potential impact. This increases the force of the strikes from his improvised axe mode.


Terror-Daxtyl's greatest weakness is his arrogance. He assumes that his wealth of dirty secrets and skill as a spy puts him above reproach, but his attitude wins him few friends among those not already alienated by his habit of spying on his allies. The distaste other Decepticons feel toward Terror-Daxtyl means he'll frequently be assigned to remote areas, left behind during retreats or sent on missions with questionable odds of success, just to be rid of him. But Terror-Daxtyl always somehow manages to come back.

Terror Daxtyl (improvised) flankstrike axe mode

Transformers Siege Terror Daxtyl axe mode Transformers Siege Skywarp swinging Terror Daxtyl in axe mode Siege Skywarp hitting the ground with Terror Daxtyl in axe mode

Terror Daxtyl plasma crossbow mode

Transformers Siege Terror Daxtyl crossbow mode

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Author notes:

Terror-Daxtyl is a horrible pun of a name, a cool Pteraxadon redeco, and a total blank slate of a character. I included Skywarp in the bio because he comes with Terror-Daxtyl, and Skywarp is enough of a thug that he’d use one of his allies as a club. I leave you with this mental image of Terror-Daxtyl complaining to Skywarp that he's a precision engineered Decepticon spy, not a device for inflicting blunt trauma.

In my head, Terror-Daxtyl sounds a lot like Grimoire Weiss from the Playstation 3 videogame Nier. I like the idea of Terror-Daxtyl sharing that same kind of grand, stuck-up attitude. Bonus points if you get that reference (and if not, please do look the game up - it's really quite good)

I also figure that the reason Terror-Daxtyl got himself kicked out of the Phantomstrike Squadron was because he tried to blackmail Soundwave. That's where his weakness of arrogance comes from. It's also betraying that Terror-Daxtyl is not as smart as he thinks he is.

What does he have on Soundwave? A few asked that when I originally shared this bio. It's Terror-Daxtyl's secret, but it'll be something related to Soundwave's pre-Decepticon days, possibly some involvement with the Jhixian Institute, the Functionists or some other group Megatron wouldn't like.