Slugslinger (Transformers Energon)

Transformers Energon Slugslinger
Don't get on my bad side. You wouldn't like my bad side.

Decepticon faction symbol
Name: Slugslinger
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Gunslinger
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

Toyline: Transformers Energon


Transformers Energon Slugslinger robot mode
Once upon a time, Slugslinger was an up-and-coming member of the Decepticon army. Holding a strict code of honour, he commanded no small amount of respect among his fellow Decepticons and even among the Autobots. This made him a rarity among Decepticons - particularly given how mindlessly violent many of his Unicron-cell infused contemporaries were during the second Unicron war. However, this was not to last. Slugslinger suffered horrific wounds when he was deserted by his fellow Decepticons and left to die in a Toxic Energon gas attack. And perhaps it would have been a mercy if Slugslinger had died. Awaking months later in a medical facility, Slugslinger learned that one side of his face was ruined by deep scars, scars that went all the way to his brain module. Now Slugslinger is an unpredictable, two-faced Decepticon - at one moment, he’ll be his old, noble self, refusing to fire on an unarmed foe. But the next he’ll become a violent and obnoxious thug who’ll shoot that same unarmed foe in the back as they run away, screaming curses at them and laughing maniacally. He’s become a dangerous loose cannon among the Decepticon forces - one who is impossible to predict or anticipate.


Slugslinger transforms into a VTOL supersonic jet fighter, capable of incredibly precise aerial movements and with a cruising speed of around 2,000mph. However, if Slugslinger "guns the engines" he can hit speeds in excess of 2,500mph for short bursts. Slugslinger is equipped with two arm mounted thermal lasers that he can focus into narrow beams of intense heat to target specific locations - or fire as wide-ranging bursts. Slugslinger is also equipped with a shoulder-mounted proton missile launcher which can carry a variable charge in the warhead to either incapacitate a target - or completely obliterate it.


Slugslinger's unbalanced mental state means he is completely unreliable and cannot stick to a battle plan. His habit of overcharging his weapons and jet engines when his "bad side" is in control makes him prone to overloading and damaging these systems. Additionally Slugslinger is only average in close quarters combat.

Supersonic jet mode

Transformers Energon Slugslinger jet mode

Slugslinger head detail

Transformers Energon Slugslinger head, good left side Transformers Energon Slugslinger head, front view Transformers Energon Slugslinger head, scarred right side

Additional images of Slugslinger

Transformers Energon Slugslinger robot mode posed

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Author notes:

Here is Slugslinger, the Transformers own version of Two Face from Batman. There's a great story about how this guy was originally designed to have the "smooth" face, which Hasbro felt wasn't evil enough but instead of redoing the whole head Takara just made half the face scarred. I like the result, it gives this toy a bit of personality.

And it's the resemblance to Two Face that really inspired the whole bio. The original packaging bio is quite dull - he's another typical villainous type. So I made that one personality and then leaned hard into Two Face and made the other personality a noble demon - a villain still, yes, but one altogether less crude and vile. I also extended the duality to his weapons, giving them alternate firing patterns.

As for where Slugslinger comes into the story of Transformers Energon, I've put him right at the end of Energon. In fact, I see him and a couple of other Decepticons being rebels keeping the war going after Galvatron and Starscream flew into the Energon sun.

The reason for that is an old literary criticism. Does the war end when the general is defeated? Why shouldn't there be a follow-on story where the Autobots need to face a new group of rebels with their own nefarious scheme? That's where I've put Slugslinger in the story - he's part of a hypothetical story between Transformers Energon and Transformers Cybertron. I'll address my thoughts for that storyline down the road - I think you'd enjoy it.