Crosshairs (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Siege Crosshairs

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Crosshairs
Partner name: Pinpointer
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Weapons Supervisor
Sub-group: Targetmaster
Timeline: Generation 1

Don't shoot until you see the wires in their eyes.


Transformers Siege Crosshairs robot modeCrosshairs lives by the mantra of "waste not, want not". The Autobots' chief armourer, Crosshairs has a reputation for being notoriously meticulous and demanding every single round he issues be accounted for. Crosshairs keeps all the weapons in his care maintained to a high standard, knowing that a malfunction can be devastating on the battlefield. However Crosshairs doesn't care for violence. He grudgingly accepts his role, given it is for the "greater good", but when he sees the devastating effects of his weapons on the battlefield he questions if there are better uses of his talents that would cause fewer deaths on either side. In combat, Crosshairs only ever shoots when he's certain he won't miss - only ever shooting to wound.

Partnered with Pinpointer, a former recycling engineer who shares Crosshairs' views on conserving ammunition and preserving life at all costs. Pinpointer has absolute trust in Crosshairs' judgment. This makes Pinpointer an ideal partner for Crosshairs, even if he can sometimes come across as brusque or even rude to those who do not know him.

Powers and Abilities:

Crosshairs is an expert marksman, capable of shooting an Insecticon out from between its wings at a distance of 500 metres. He is skilled in the operation and maintenance of most armaments, from handheld laser pistols to mounted turrets such as Nucleon Shock Launchers. Crosshairs transforms into an all-terrain vehicle capable of traversing exceptionally rough terrain with a maximum speed of 160 mph, and a range of 750 miles. In both robot and vehicle mode, Crosshairs boasts superior durability than many of his peers.

His Targetmaster partner, Pinpointer, transforms into a rocket-propelled grenade launcher who can lock onto a target in less than 0.003 seconds, and is capable of precisely targeting individual body parts as directed by Crosshairs. He however leaves the decision to fire in the hands of Crosshairs.


Crosshairs can be overly cautious, meaning while any operation he is assigned to will be done to perfection, it will not be done quickly. This becomes a liability in battle, as Crosshairs will never shoot until he is certain he can land a clean, non-lethal shot to incapacitate an opponent - frequently leading to Crosshairs placing himself at greater risk than is necessary. Additionally, Crosshairs can become overwhelmed and distracted by the carnage of the battlefield, which reduces his effectiveness.

Pinpointer can sometimes be left dizzy by the fumes of his grenade shots, which severely impairs his accuracy and leads Crosshairs to take even more unnecessary risks to obtain a clean shot on an opponent.

All-Terrain Vehicle mode:

Transformers Siege Crosshairs vehicle mode

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Crosshairs

Transformers Siege Crosshairs

Transformers Siege Crosshairs robot mode Transformers Siege Crosshairs robot mode with Pinpointer Transformers Siege Crosshairs robot mode with Pinpointer running pose Transformers Siege Crosshairs with Pinpointer robot modes
Transformers Siege Crosshairs with shoulder mounted Doomblast Launcher Transformers Siege Crosshairs holding the Doomblast Launcher Transformers Siege Crosshairs with Doomblast Launcher hammer mode Transformers Siege Crosshairs smashing the ground with his hammer
Transformers Siege Crosshairs vehicle mode Transformers Siege Crosshairs vehicle mode with Pinpointer attached to roof Transformers Siege Crosshairs vehicle mode with Pinpointer as gunner

Crosshairs is a cool little toy. He's a straight up reuse of Ironhide with a new head. The head is exceptionally well done, as is the deco which is spot on to the Generation 1 character's look. The Ironhide body is also a good reflection of the original Crosshairs, who was quite a stocky character. Even the rocket launcher recalls Crosshair's original Targetmaster who turned into an RPG. I've given Crosshairs Trenchfoot from the Firestormers set for these photos (taken in December 2019) as a stand-in for Pinpointer. I’ve since acquired Pinpointer, and at some point will update this page with a proper look at this updated Targetmaster duo.

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