Alpha Trion (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Botcon exclusive Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion's personal symbolAutobot faction symbol
Name: Alpha Trion
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Sage
Timeline: Generation 1

There is no greater power than wisdom.


Transformers Botcon exclusive Alpha Trion robot mode
Alpha Trion is a Cybertronian of almost legendary standing - many claim he was old when Nova Prime was a protoform. A recluse, Alpha Trion is known for being an eccentric elder on the fringes of society to some, and one of the wisest Cybertronians to have ever lived to others. Over the eons, many have sought Alpha Trion's guidance and advice, asking him to be their mentor and advisor. To those he deems worthy, Alpha Trion shares his wisdom. He has taught many of the greatest leaders of Cybertron, including Nova Prime and Nominus Prime, and inspired several of Cybertron's greatest thinkers to pursue their intellectual pursuits. Together with this, the eccentric elder has gathered a great collection of Cybertronian relics, including a copy of The Covenant of Primus.

Powers and Abilities:

Alpha Trion is one of the wisest Transformers alive, possessing a great wealth of knowledge about Cybertron, the universe, and how the Cybertronian race fits into the grand scheme of things. It is a testament to Alpha Trion's wisdom that he is one of the few Cybertronians capable of reading the ancient script the Covenant of Primus is written in, and that he can understand the prophecies of future events spoken of in the book. In the same way, he is also one of the few living Cybertronians who can directly interface with Vector Sigma.

Alpha Trion possesses an incredible collection of ancient Cybertronian artifacts many of which possess unique abilities. These include force field generators, phase shifters, polarity gauntlets, and several swords and rifles belonging to ancient warlords. Alpha Trion is familiar with the properties, operation and dangers associated with each of these relics.

It is rumoured that Alpha Trion's copy of the Covenant of Primus is the original, and that if used with an object known as The Quill it could be possible to rewrite destiny to a very limited degree by editing what is written in the Covenant.

Alpha Trion's alternate form is a solar sail barge capable of interplanetary flight, however Alpha Trion has not transformed in living memory so the full technical specifications of this mode are unknown, and many believe Alpha Trion is no longer capable of transforming.


Alpha Trion's advanced age means he is not particularly agile or durable. Additionally, his mechanisms have seized up due to his age meaning it is often difficult for Alpha Trion to transform, and it is painful for him to do so.

Solar sail barge mode:

Transformers Botcon exclusive Alpha Trion spaceship mode

Author notes:

A lot of media since this toy was released has made a big thing of Alpha Trion being one of the ancient Primes. I'd originally written this into the bio, but I scaled that part back as I wanted to write the reclusive, eccentric elder from the original Generation 1 cartoon rather than the ancient lord of wisdom that Alpha Trion has become in modern media. I will eventually cover the Thirteen incarnation of Alpha Trion - after all, I own the Titans Return Viking warrior version - along with the rest of the ancient Primes.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Alpha Trion

BotCon Exclusive Alpha Trion

Transformers Botcon exclusive Alpha Trion robot mode posed with sword 1 Transformers Botcon exclusive Alpha Trion robot mode posed with sword 2

I am very pleased I got my hands on this one at my first Botcon in 2007. He's a great figure, and a perfect reuse of Cybertron's Vector Prime to bring Alpha Trion to life.

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