Ariel (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1

Autobot Elite Guard symbol
Name: Ariel
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Transporter (former), Elite Guard lieutenant
Sub-group: Elite Guard
Timeline: Generation 1

A Cybertronian's value should be in their deeds, not another's words.


Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1 robot mode
Originally Ariel was a flight-type Cybertronian, a class that was highly discriminated against under functionism. Thanks to some friends in high places she was able to obtain permission to modify her alternate mode to an aquatic form and work as a transporter and dock worker in the ports of Iacon. This earned Ariel the derisive nickname of "elite one" from those who envied her defiance of functionism. Like her Conjunx Endura, Orion Pax, Ariel was a great admirer of the works of Megatronus of Tarn, particularly resonating with his ideals of each individual operating on their own merits rather than based on what alternate mode they were constructed with. After all, she was living proof that skill and ability is more important than alternate form - a point she proves even further after joining the security forces (and later, the Elite Guard) and proving herself to be a fierce and determined fighter.

Powers and Abilities:

Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1 EMP scrambler posedAriel is extremely agile, and is capable of darting around the battlefield evading enemy attacks with a supernatural level of skill and grace. One of Ariel's favourite tricks is what she calls her "dead end gambit" - where she will somersault over an opponent to land behind them, then immediately slide under them and blast them point-blank while they look around in confusion.

Ariel wields a quad missile launcher in combat. Each missile can be locked onto individual targets and can carry a variety of payloads. However, its recoil can knock Ariel off balance if she "shoots from the hip". The launcher can be transformed into an EMP scrambler which can generate a directed field that interferes with electronic devices within a range of 400 metres.

Ariel's vestigial wings - remnants of her original flight-type mode - contain mimetic alloy plates which generate a stealth field enabling her to blend into her surroundings or distort the view of her surroundings, disorienting foes. This consumes a large amount of energy, so Ariel has learned to use this skill sparingly.

Ariel transforms into a Cybertronian speedboat, which can reach speeds of 200 knots. Gyroscopic stabilisers enable Ariel to operate with similar effectiveness regardless of how rough the seas are.


Ariel has very little durability, meaning a direct hit by any sort of ammunition - even small arms fire - could be highly damaging, even lethal. Ariel's desire to prove her value as an individual rather than a particular model of Cybertronian leads to her taking unnecessary risks in combat, which coupled with her low durability makes many of her friends fearful whenever she goes into battle that she may not return - but Ariel consistently proves herself as one of the best elite warriors of her generation.

Speedboat mode:

Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1 speedboat mode

Author notes:

This version of Ariel combines her admiration of Megatron from the original cartoon with elements of how she'd fit into IDW's pre-war Cybertronian society. The flight mode is a reference to the Power of the Primes Elita-1, which Ariel will eventually revert to when the war breaks out and air support becomes more important than not being a member of a group that is discriminated against.

In my version of the character, I'm less convinced that Ariel will die and be rebuilt into Elita-1 - the insulting nickname "elite one" is something that'll stick with Ariel throughout her life, and she'll eventually take it as her name, owning the insult and becoming Elita-1 that way. In that case, I figure she'd have upgraded herself a few times to overcome her limited durability, sacrificing the mimetic camo but gaining her time freeze ability.

For Ariel's motto, I've referenced the motto of the suffragette movement - "deeds not words" - with a twist that plays into the backstory of both Ariel and the original treatise brought forward by Megatron in his Megatronus days. In a way this also calls to the newer IDW comics where Elita-1 shows up as a member of Megatron's Ascenticons, but that was purely coincidental on my part.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Ariel

Botcon Exclusive Elita-1

Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1 robot mode posed Transformers Botcon exclusive Elita-1 EMP scrambler deployed

Ariel is an example of a repurposing - taking a toy who was originally released as one character and using then to represent another. In this case, I'm using the Botcon Elita-1 to represent her younger, pre-Elita-1 self.

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