Barricade (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Siege Barricade

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Barricade
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Enforcer
Timeline: Generation 1

To punish and enslave.


Transformers Siege Barricade robot mode
Before the rise of the Decepticons, Barricade was a member of Cybertron's security forces known for the number of complaints of brutality levelled against him. Swift and cruel, Barricade often overlooked facts when pursuing suspects, preferring to take an easy route to closing a case. His superiors didn't care - nobody ever reoffended after an encounter with Barricade. As the Decepticons began their revolution, Barricade - using the codename "Altihex" - covertly supported the Decepticons by falsifying evidence to secure the arrest of Megatron's enemies. Once his superiors learned of this, Barricade retreated to Decepticon territory where he applied his violent methods to enforcing the Decepticon code of justice. Megatron was impressed by Barricade's zero-tolerance approach to transgressions against the Decepticon code, and decided to create a "Decepticon Justice Division" to continue Barricade's work. Barricade himself declined a place in the new organisation, choosing instead to join one of the Decepticon's infiltration units, spreading Decepticon justice to new worlds.

Powers and Abilities:

Barricade possesses low-visibility technology that makes it difficult for conventional sensor arrays to detect him when he remains still - optic sensors simply cannot focus on Barricade when he is completely still. This is technology left over from his security days that Cybertron's security forces used for stakeouts that Barricade brought with him to the Decepticon side. Barricade's arms contain advanced hydraulics, making him deceptively strong and enabling him to punch with a force of around 7,000 pounds per impact. Barricade also carries a pair of stasis cuffs which, when attached to the wrists of a victim, incapacitate them ready for capture or interrogation.

Barricade's primary weapons are his shoulder launchers which can launch wire-guided incendiary shells of a similar design to those employed by Prowl. These launchers can be linked into a handheld twin-barrelled "siren blast punisher" cannon, which fires a powerful sonic concussion blast capable of reducing brick walls to rubble. Cybertronians hit with this weapon find their audio receptors are also overwhelmed - the equivalent of temporary deafness following a loud noise - in addition to disorientation caused by the weapon's secondary function of disrupting gyroscopic balance systems.


Barricade has a strong independent streak which means he often takes on missions without much, or any, backup. This leaves him at risk if he is outnumbered. He is also not particularly intelligent and tends to rely on brute force over cunning.

Police cruiser mode:

Transformers Siege Barricade police car mode

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Barricade

Transformers Siege Barricade

Transformers Siege Barricade robot mode posed Transformers Siege Barricade with his siren blast punisher rifle Transformers Siege Barricade shoulder cannons firing pose
Transformers Siege Barricade police car mode with weapons 1 Transformers Siege Barricade police car mode with weapons 2

Siege Barricade is a lovely little redeco. I'd hoped for a long time we might get a "Generation 1" version of Movie Barricade in this kind of deco, and I'm so glad Siege finally delivered on that idea. He's an awesome realisation of a concept done by Guido Guidi, and I'm so glad Guido's concepts translated so well into a physical toy.

I'm not without my complaints on this one, though. The waist and forearms were shown with more black on them in early renders - which is flat purple plastic in the final version. I understand this is due to the plastics used, but it just leaves the final figure looking unfinished. At the same time, I'm impressed how quickly I was able to look past that issue I had when I had Barricade in hand (the fact he came to me with a fair price reduction definitely helped).

The mold itself is pretty solid, but nothing that truly rocks my world. He looks great - par for the course on Siege - and has great poseability. There are a few loose joints like his hips, and overall, I'm just not completely won by the choices made. Don't get me wrong - he's a solid toy, but the mold just feels very average. Still, average is enjoyable, and this toy is enjoyable. Just don't expect it to be on any of my top toys on the year lists any time soon.

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