Dion (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Timelines Dion

Autobot Elite Guard symbol
Name: Dion
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Freight handler (former), Elite infantry
Sub-group: Elite Guard
Timeline: Generation 1

Efficiency makes you strong. Speed makes you lethal.


Transformers Timelines Dion robot mode
A long time ago, Dion was a freight handler in Iacon like his good friend Orion Pax. He didn't care much for the stories of growing unrest on Cybertron or violence in outlying settlements until the day his workplace was attacked by insurgents. Narrowly cheating death, Dion signed on with the military the moment he was well enough to walk again. Initially his commanders viewed Dion as just another disposable hothead and assigned him to an infantry unit, expecting him to be offline within a decacycle - but when Dion not only proved himself capable in a fight but displayed true potential as a warrior, he was quickly reassigned and given proper training to capitalise on his potential. Striking with a combination of speed and strength, "Deactivator Dion" was on track to be one of the most celebrated members of the senate's new "elite guard" unit - until he deserted to join his old friend Orion Pax on a mission to preserve Cybertron's future.

Powers and Abilities:

Transformers Timelines Dion robot mode posed
Dion is relatively fast on land compared to his peers. In vehicle mode he is capable of moving at speeds of up to 240 mph for a range of 500 miles. Dion carries two arm-mountable flamethrowers, each capable of blasting bolts of flame of 2000 degrees centigrade over a range of 50 metres. Dion's combat effectiveness is further boosted by a prototype "megavisor" system that provides Dion with a head's up display, complete with enhanced targeting data including and other vital data on his mission.


Although highly skilled, Dion feels he still has something to prove to his superiors making him prone to pushing himself too hard and overstressing his systems, particularly his drivetrain.

Sports car mode:

Transformers Timelines Dion sports car mode

Author notes:

Ah, Dion. As a Transformers Club exclusive he's a nice deco and a relatively obscure character, which I think is part of his appeal. The original toy is based on a "what-if" story - what if Dion didn't die in Iacon and was rebuilt to join the Autobot Elite Guard? I've run with that idea here, making him a survivor of an attack who then joins up with the security forces to save others from the fate he narrowly avoided. Although given he's not on the Ark and never seen in later ages, we'll say Dion eventually made the ultimate sacrifice somewhere down the line. But there is some great story potential in there.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Dion

Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Transformers Dion

I like this toy. While it feels too much like an orange version of Armada Hot Shot, the design and colours match up with Dion’s character model pretty well. A new head would have been nice to help set this figure apart from Hot Shot, but I get why the collector’s club didn’t do it – remolded parts cost a fair bit of money, after all. And hey – this one did get the otherwise Japan-only launchers, which are a real plus. Overall, it is a nice way to get a toy of a character who was otherwise limited to a recolour of Wheelie.

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