Fusion (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Fusion

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Fusion
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Marksman
Timeline: Generation 1

I'll lay down my life for the greater good.


Transformers Autobot Fusion robot mode
For every hero of the war for Cybertron, there is an unknown soldier who gave his spark for the greater good. Such is the tale of Fusion. A selfless and dedicated soldier, Fusion was more than willing to lay down his life for his friends. Along with his best friend Bluestreak, Fusion was a survivor of the Decepticon massacre of Praxus. On that day, Fusion and Bluestreak both swore to avenge their lost home and their friends and neighbours who were destroyed by Megatron's extermination squadrons. While Bluestreak hates war, Fusion loved it. He relished going on missions so he could have an excuse to blast a few Decepticons, and he genuinely enjoyed making a contribution to the Autobot cause. One fateful mission saw Fusion and Bluestreak fall into an ambush set by the elite of the Decepticon air force - the Seekers. Fusion covered Bluestreak's escape with munitions that were vital to the Autobot resistance, a heroic stand that cost him his life. Fusion's passing was largely unmourned, being one more soldier slain that day by the relentless Decepticon war machine. But Bluestreak has never forgotten his friend, and he has a bullet reserved for the Decepticon who landed the killing blow.

Powers and Abilities:

Fusion is an expert marksman. In both robot and vehicle mode he can hit a tin can at a range of about four miles, and has been known to shoot missiles out of the air as they fly toward him and his comrades. Fusion carries a double-barrelled sub machine gun which can fire around 1,000 rounds per minute from each barrel. Fusion can deploy this weapon in vehicle mode as a turret, however doing so reduces his land speed.


Fusion is not particularly fast or manoeuvrable in vehicle mode. His love of war and desire to get revenge on the Decepticons also leads to him taking unnecessary risks.

Cybertronian car mode:

Transformers Autobot Fusion car mode

Author notes:

I've always liked Fusion as a character even though he only existed to die in one Marvel UK story I read while growing up. I've fleshed out this character a bit here by having him also be from Bluestreak's home city and giving Bluestreak a personal reason to hate the Decepticons. There's really not much else to say about this guy, otherwise.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Fusion

Transformers (2007 Movie Toyline) Clocker

Transformers Autobot Fusion robot mode posed with weapon Transformers Autobot Fusion aiming gun at camera
Transformers Autobot Fusion in the Fall of Cybertron
So this is an example of me repurposing a toy to fill a gap in the characters of my collection. The toy I used to represent Fusion is the 2007 Movie Clocker figure. From the first time I saw this one I knew it'd be my Fusion. The dark blue and grey deco was a great match for the character. In retrospect the option to have the gun deployed in vehicle mode also kind of looks like the comic art? This is a toy I'm very happy to own regardless as it looks amazing, and giving it an identity in my Classics collection is gravy, as far as I'm concerned.

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