Mining Unit D-14 "Megatronus" (Transformers Generation 1)

Mastermind Creations Megatronus
You are being deceived

Decepticon faction symbol
Name: Mining Unit D-14
Alias: Megatronus
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Revolutionary
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Third Party Transformers


Mastermind Creations Megatronus robot mode
Long before the Decepticons, the gladiatorial pits of Kaon or even the name Megatron, Mining Unit D-14 was a great thinker, an intellectual revolutionary. By day he spent his time in the Energon mines, but by night he wrote his great treatise criticising functionism and the state of Cybertronian society. These writings, published under the pseudonym "Megatronus", caught the attention of many in society including Alpha Trion, who encouraged D-14 to fully embrace who he was, not who the Functionists told him he was. And so even as his mine was closed and D-14 was forced to fight in the pits of Kaon to eke out an existence, he continued to work on his magnum opus - Towards Peace. D-14, now openly calling himself Megatronus, saw what none of his fellow gladiators could - a Cybertron where all could be free and masters of their own destinies. A noble ambition. But Megatronus had one critical flaw. He enjoyed violence too much. And so what began as a noble crusade would usher in a dark age on Cybertron, as his followers - who called themselves "deceived constructs" after his famous marshaling call of "you are being deceived" transitioned into a group called the Decepticons...


As a mining-type Cybertronian D-14 / Megatronus was constructed to be larger, stronger and more durable than his peers, to enable him to better bear the rigours of energon mining. This strength and durability has served him well in the fighting pits of Kaon. As a gladiator Megatronus has learned several forms of martial arts, but he mainly resorts to brawling. Megatronus wields a wide array of mining tools and weapons. As a miner his right arm was equipped with a diamond-tipped drill capable of easily tunnelling through even the densest rock. Megatronus has since exchanged for a fusion cannon, which has an output of up to the equivalent of a kilotonne of TNT. His arsenal also includes a flail for close-range combat.
Megatronus' greatest ability, however, is his intelligence. A keenly intelligent individual, Megatronus is a master strategist and orator. He is an expert at choosing the right words to inflame the passions of a crowd, whipping them into a frenzy and having them follow where he leads - and with his mind for strategies, he knows how to best direct his followers for maximum effect.


With a combination of strength, stamina, and sharp intelligence, Megatronus has no physical or mental weaknesses to speak of. His sole drawback is his love of violence - when consumed by rage, Megatronus can lose track of his more noble aspirations. If he ever fully gave in to these urges, he could become the greatest threat to have ever faced Cybertron.

D-14 Energon Driller mode:

Mastermind Creations Megatronus drill tank mode

Additional images of Megatronus, the gladiator:

Megatronus and Orion Pax standing back to back Mastermind Creations Megatronus robot mode with drill Mastermind Creations Megatronus with flail weapon

Megatronus with his fusion cannon:

Megatronus receives his fusion cannon from Soundwave Mastermind Creations Megatronus with fusion cannon

Megatronus fusion tank mode:

Mastermind Creations Megatronus fusion tank mode

Author notes:

This bio is based mostly on the IDW incarnation of pre-Megatron, with a bit of the Exodus novel thrown in. I see this Megatron as an almost tragic character. He could have been a true light of justice, but because of his character flaws - namely his love of violence - he ends up going astray.

The toy used in these photos is Mastermind Creations Tyrannotronus, an absolutely brilliant third party release that had interchangeable armour parts to represent two different versions of Megatron from different eras of his life. The drillbit attachment can be swapped for a fusion cannon barrel - so Megatronus can go from his mining unit D-14 days to his gladiator days with flail, to his revolutionary founder of the Decepticons form with his fusion cannon.

I'll eventually feature the other version here too. The other version is based on the Autobot Megatron featured in the More than Meets the Eye comics. Overall, a great and solid figure. I don't buy many third party releases, but the majority of them are Mastermind's releases because they fill a niche in my collection.