Orion Pax (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Orion Pax

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Orion Pax
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Freight handler (former), Security officer
Timeline: Generation 1

Free determination should be the right of all Cybertronians.


Transformers Generations Orion Pax Robot Mode
Young, optimistic and perhaps a little naive, Orion Pax started out life as a dock worker in Iacon's port regions. An idealist, Orion looked up to the great figures of Cybertron's past and the great thinkers of his day, such as Alpha Trion and Megatronus of Tarn. As unrest began to spread across Cybertron, the senate relaxed the recruiting criteria for Cybertron's security forces, allowing non-military models of Cybertronian to join - and Orion Pax was one of the first to sign up. As a member of security, Orion Pax had to contend with the bleakness and darkness of modern Cybertron compared to the shining utopia of old that Alpha Trion spoke of in the histories. His idealism shone through as a light in the darkness, and drove Orion Pax to fight for a better tomorrow, not just for himself, but for all Cybertron. Like Megatronus, Orion Pax believed that Cybertron had to change. Unlike Megatronus, Orion Pax was not willing to embrace violence as a means. He wanted to change Cybertron from within, through reform, to avoid a meaningless loss of life.

As Orion's popularity grew, he earned some friends among the Senate, but others viewed him with suspicion, seeing him as a potential threat to planetary security. One of those who feared Orion Pax was Sentinel Prime.

Powers and Abilities:

As a transport type, Orion Pax is one of the more adaptable types of Cybertronian, equally adept at handling freight or participating in security operations. Orion is notable for his eyesight, which is well above average compared to his fellow Cybertronians. His strength and agility are also above average, and as Orion is yet to fully come into his prime it is expected that his physical and mental attributes will continue to increase.

Orion Pax wields an ion rifle which can blast holes through toughened steel at a distance of 30 metres. He also wields an energo-axe, which can break through a 1.5 foot thick concrete wall in a single blow.


While he has no discernible physical weaknesses, Orion Pax sometimes doubts or questions himself which can undermine his resolve.

Truck mode:

Transformers Generations Orion Pax Robot Mode

Author notes:

One of the fun things about writing Orion is that he's the young Optimus Prime before becoming the great hero we all know. I took a bit of inspiration from Animated Optimus Prime as I wrote Orion as a younger, less experienced and less sure of himself version of the hero. Orion's lesser amount of experience and general "not being quite there yet" is reflected in his weakness as well as his motto.

Orion's faction nearly ended up as "Autonomous Robot", which I see as a group Orion founded based on his beliefs. You've probably heard of them. They later shorten the name to Autobots nowadays.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Orion Pax

Transformers Generations Orion Pax

Transformers Generations Orion Pax with rifle and axe Transformers Generations Orion Pax in a heroic pose Transformers Generations Orion Pax robot mode posed with rifle
Transformers Generations Orion Pax robot mode posed with axe Transformers Generations Orion Pax axe swing Transformers Generations Orion Pax axe double hand grip Transformers Generations Orion Pax robot mode posed with axe alternate pose
This is one of my favourite releases from the Thrilling 30 line of Generations. He's a solid figure with great poseability and a good rendition of a young Optimus Prime. He comes with good accessories too, I'm particularly fond of the axe.

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Transformers Generations Orion Pax playing the guitar