Primus (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Cybertron Primus
Til all are one.

Primus personal symbol
Name: Primus
Aliases: The Creator, Planet Cybertron
Sub-group: Celestials
Function: Lord of Order
Timeline: Primus is a multiversal entity with versions of himself existing in every timeline. Timelines where he has taken an active role include Generation 1, the Unicron Trilogy and the Aligned Continuity

Toyline: Transformers Cybertron


Transformers Cybertron Primus robot mode
Primus is one of the most ancient beings in existence, as old as the universe itself and a direct creation of The One. His power is second only to that of his brother, Unicron. Some call Primus the Lord of Light, worshipping him as the great creator of all things. Some like Optimus Prime view Primus as a great champion of peace and order who sought to create utopias for all living beings. Others like Jhiaxus and Nova Prime viewed Primus as a warrior god, fighting to pacify chaos and bring all things into his order - Cybertronian order. The truth is complicated and largely lost to time, but a prevailing school of thought is that Primus viewed himself as a humble servant of The One, seeking to fulfill his task of establishing cosmic order throughout the nascent universe as the Void was driven back by creation.


Primus is a higher-dimensional entity whose true form is pure consciousness that exists on the astral plane and is not bound by traditional concepts of space, time or reality - his physical form is merely an interface with the mortal realm. Primus is therefore a multiversal singularity, with the same Primus existing across multiple timelines and continuities, however it is possible for a timeline to be severed from Primus' consciousness. The effect this has on a timeline ranges from the minimal (Primus is not present but otherwise life continues as normal) to the severe (Cybertronian life eventually goes extinct).

Like all Celestials, it is impossible to fully quantify Primus’ powers and abilities. His physical form's robot mode, though rarely unleashed, is the size of a planet, and his weapon systems at their lowest power levels are easily capable of inducing stars to go supernova. Primus can wield the power of creation, including reformatting other beings or birthing new life from his flesh - indeed, this is his greatest contribution to the universe, as from his body, the entire Cybertronian race was born.
Primus, like Unicron, can also possess other beings, but unlike Unicron he prefers to employ temporary possession to speak through avatars. Known avatars include Emirate Xaaron and the Mini-Con Hop.


Primus’ tremendous power has weakened considerably over time, both from dividing it into trillions of life-bearing sparks for the Cybertronian race, and due to wounds he suffered in ancient times at the hands of Unicron. In the modern era, his power is further weakened by ongoing damage to his physical form as a result of the ongoing civil war between his children.

Primus as planet Cybertron

Transformers Cybertron Primus planet mode

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Author notes:

Here's the big guy himself, Primus! Writing Primus meant I'd need to decide which version of the origin story I'd use, and I've always been partial to Simon Furman's earlier drafts that had Primus and Unicron be part of a wider pantheon of ancient beings. I also liked the concept of them being creations of an even higher being, "The One", which came into the frame around the time of Transformers Armada (though earlier versions of the origin of the Transformers also referenced a "sentient heart of the universe". I took these ideas and spun them into wider Marvel Comics lore, essentially having The One be equivalent to "The One Above All", and Primus and Unicron (and Hytherion along with other high-order cosmic creatures in Transformers lore) all collectively be Celestials.

Writing this bio also means I get to work out how to reconcile the idea of Primus being around in some timelines but not others. That was fairly easy to do, actually - Regeneration 1 has the idea of severing timelines as a part of its resolution, and my idea for how the Transformers multiverse came into being - essentially a war between Celestials culminating in a cosmic fistfight between Primus and Unicron where every punch splintered the universe into multiversal shards - would allow for Primus to not be around in some timelines but not in others (because he might be dead in those timelines)