Roller (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Unite Warriors Roller
Not everyone is built special.

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Roller
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Security officer
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Unite Warriors (Combiner Wars)


Transformers Unite Warriors Roller robot mode
As a big, tough 'bot, Roller would have been ideally suited for work in the military or security, even if that destiny hadn't been set out for him by functionism. A good cop in a bad time if ever there was, Roller's inability to be bribed earned him a degree of respect, but also meant he was frequently passed over for promotion in place of those more willing to bend the knee to the senate. Assigned as Orion Pax's partner when the latter joined security, Roller quickly became like an older brother to the young Orion and did his best to temper the young bot's naivete.


Roller is immensely strong and durable, and is capable of feats of strength more commonly seen in bots many times his size. Roller's armoured hide is capable of withstanding artillery blasts. He can lift 250 tonnes without any strain, and can punch with 12,000 pounds of force per square inch. Additionally, each of Roller's arms houses a concussion cannon that can be used to further amplify the devastating impact of one of Roller's punches.


Roller has an inferiority complex, focusing on what he can't do. He compares himself to other bots he meets like Windcharger or Glitch and feels he's nothing special because he cannot manipulate magnetic fields or disable machinery simply by touching it. This causes Roller to take unnecessary risks in an effort to prove he has value.

Armoured all-terrain vehicle mode:

Transformers Unite Warriors Roller vehicle mode

Additional images of Roller:

Transformers Unite Warriors Roller punching toward the camera Transformers Unite Warriors Roller posed with fist and claw accessories Transformers Unite Warriors Roller posed jumping and shooting

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Author notes:

Although he's a straight-up reuse of Rook, I really like this version of Roller as Roller. The paint is really well done, especially the head and the eyes. There's just something about it that screams disillusionment or bitterness. The silver finish is gorgeous as well. All in, a good way to get a version of IDW Roller on your shelf. The fact he comes in one of the cooler Unite Warriors sets also helps tremendously.