Sentinel Prime (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime
Without law, all is chaos.

The symbol of the Senate of Cybertron
Name: Sentinel Prime
Alias: Infinitus
Allegiance: Senate of Cybertron
Sub-group: Elite Guard
Function: Elite Guard Commander
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Titans Return


Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime robot mode
Even before he was named as a Prime, Infinitus was a Cybertronian known for his unbending dedication to rules and procedure. He had no hesitation to report even his closest allies for the most minor of infractions. Perhaps that is why Cybertron's senate, looking to legitimise their position, chose to give Infinitus the title of Prime.
As Sentinel Prime, Infinitus continued to display an unbending approach to rules and procedures, acting as a terrifying authoritarian figure who would hand out harsh punishments to those who broke any law. This included several high-ranking arrests among the senate and upper classes. Those close to Infinitus knew he'd planned these actions for a long time and it is a testimony to his cunning that he'd positioned himself perfectly to achieve this goal.
Unfortunately Sentinel Prime also proved an incredibly oppressive figure in other respects who turned Cybertron into a police state - and his prosecution of senators won him very few friends, inspiring one deeply corrupt senator named Ratbat to covertly give weapons to a revolutionary, hoping they'd destroy Sentinel Prime before his own crimes came to light.


Sentinel Prime is supernaturally calm even under the heaviest fire. By using a meditative technique he can focus his mind to the point that even the most frantic battles appear to slow down, allowing him to make incredibly precise shots with his proton rifle. Sentinel Prime also carries a corrosion cannon, which can make the armour of his opponents rust. It is testament to Sentinel's exceptional aim that when using this weapon he shoots to wound and only ever hits non-critical systems - "dead bots can't talk" is Sentinel's mantra. Sentinel's forearms each house a pair of anti-meson cannons, capable of independent targeting and with an effective range of around 200 metres.
As a triple changer, Sentinel Prime can assume either a land-based armoured train mode or a flight capable shuttle mode. In armoured train mode, Sentinel Prime can reach speeds of up to 310 mph on rail, with a range of 2,500 miles. Sentinel Prime's shuttle mode can reach speeds of up to 20,000 mph, and is capable of flight in and out of atmosphere. Through the use of an Apex Armour booster, Sentinel Prime is capable of independently achieving escape velocity.
Sentinel Prime's greatest and most carefully guarded ability is that he is a Headmaster. If he is ever critically wounded, he can disengage his head as an independent entity, which can then collect a replacement transtector. This has given Sentinel a reputation for being almost immortal, as many of those who have faced him swear they'd destroyed the Prime, only to later be confronted by a very much alive - and very angry - Sentinel Prime.


Sentinel Prime's unyielding, authoritarian nature means he has few friends and plenty of enemies.
While his Transtector bodies are incredibly powerful, when disengaged as a Headmaster Sentinel Prime is relatively weak and vulnerable.

Sentinel Prime shuttle mode

Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime shuttle mode

Sentinel Prime armoured train mode

Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime train mode

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Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime robot mode posed Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime robot mode arm cannons

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Author notes:

In writing Sentinel Prime, I decided to mix in some different elements from other incarnations of Sentinel Prime. He's mainly based on the IDW Sentinel, but with aspects of Animated Sentinel Prime mixed in, including the motto. Movie Sentinel Prime is mostly referenced through giving this Sentinel a rust gun.

In Titans Return (comics) it's revealed Sentinel Prime was a Headmaster. I've used that idea here except I've taken the Headmaster's name Infinitus as the name of Sentinel Prime before he became a Prime. I do like the "secret Headmaster" idea, and I see Sentinel having secret caches of weapons and spare bodies throughout Cybertron. Difference for my version is Megatron would eventually crush Sentinel's head, killing him permanently. Megatron probably would have done this in sheer cruelty, too - not out of knowledge that Sentinel is a Headmaster.