Burn Out (Transformers Generation 1)

Botcon Exclusive Transformers Burn Out

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Burn Out
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Munitions Expert
Sub-group: Primal Vanguard
Timeline: Generation 1

Skill and experience lead to congruity.


Botcon Exclusive Transformers Burn Out robot mode
Burn Out is a member of the Primal Vanguard, serving under Delta Magnus. She finds social interaction to be quite exhausting, and as a result tends to keep to herself. This results in her having a reputation for being stoic and a bot of few words. In battle, Burn Out is a highly motivated and determined warrior with a never say die attitude, who'll keep fighting to her last breath. However she's also incredibly stubborn - she feels her approach is always the best approach, and she'll shut off her commlink to ignore the protests of others should they not agree. It's a testament to Burn Out's skill and weapons loadout that she's always been able to clinch a victory when all seems lost - but sometimes the situations she's turning around are a result of her own stubborn refusal to follow a battle plan.

Powers and Abilities:

Botcon Exclusive Transformers Burn Out robot mode weapons deployed
Burn Out possesses an incredible amount of weaponry within her relatively small frame. Both of her forearms conceal concussive levellers, designed specifically for the purpose of breaking through bulkheads and other fortification. Burn Out's upper arms each conceal cluster missile pods, which can launch up to 16 missiles in a single barrage. Burn Out's shoulders can also deploy mortars for medium range bombardment of targets. All of these weapons can be concealed within Burn Out's body when not in use, or when the situation does not call for a warrior whose body is bristling with weapons.

Burn Out also carries two handheld weapons. She carries an ion pulse rifle which can fire burts of ionised material over a two mile range. Burn Out also carries a secondary plasma pistol sidearm which she calls "the persuader". Burn Out claims this weapon always convinces those she's negotiating with to see her point of view, leading younger Cybertronians to believe it has some capability to alter thoughts. Weapons engineer and Primal Vanguard enthusiast Ironfist once got his hands on "the persuader" and promptly analysed its properties. He was disappointed to learn that it was indeed just a normal plasma pistol with no particular special properties.


Burn Out's stubborn refusal to take advice and instead "go it alone" on the battlefield can lead to her getting into situations where she is seriously outnumbered. When this happens, Burn Out is usually to proud and stubborn to admit her mistake and ask for help, instead fighting her way out of trouble on her own. It is testimony to her skill that she is able to survive these close calls.

Additionally, firing all her built in weapons at once can sometimes disrupt Burn Out's balance for a few seconds - although Burn Out rightly claims most opponents will never be stood close enough after an arsenal blast to take advantage of this weakness.

Vehicle mode:

Botcon Exclusive Transformers Burn Out vehicle mode

Author notes:

The original bio on this one had her as a piloted mech, which is cool but I wanted to find a way to have Burn Out be her own character. The Primal Vanguard are known for their concealed weapons, and they're led by a Diaclone colours Ultra Magnus, so I have more or less decided they're the team with the Diaclone characters on it. I guess that also means Lift Ticket is on the team - which gives me a starting point when I eventually come to feature him.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Burn Out

BotCon Exclusive Burn Out

Botcon Exclusive Transformers Burn Out robot mode posed

Burn Out as a toy is a very cool exclusive release. The Skids mold looks fantastic in black - like a lot of Transformers, a black paint job just seems to bring a certain personality to the design. I'm not sure what it is - only that I really like it. She's a favourite among my collection.

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