Straxus (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generations Straxus Mercy is not dispensed by my hand - only death.

Decepticon faction symbol
Name: Straxus
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Dictator
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Generations


Transformers Generations Straxus robot mode
During Megatron’s long absence from Cybertron, many warlords and would-be leaders arose to fill the void. Among those was one who commanded such fear that even Megatron himself would have been impressed. His name was Straxus, and he ruled with an iron fist from the impenetrable fortress, Darkmount. Famously, Straxus declared that “mercy is not dispensed here - only death!”, and the Autobots knew Darkmount as a forbidding place where many entered, but few left. Straxus took great delight in hurling prisoners into his smelting pools - and those spared the smelting pools suffered a worse fate at the hands of Straxus’ scientists. Those selected for experiments could expect painful and often fatal procedures that made empurata and hadowplay seem trivial. Straxus commanded an army of Decepticons - including the so-called “ten deadliest killers”, warriors handpicked for their ruthlessness and capability - but he himself was also an impressive combatant, with a great deal of physical strength and weaponry. Straxus’ bloodthirstiness and cruelty meant other Decepticons feared him and were reluctant to work for Straxus - plenty of the rank and file had "gone missing" - and Straxus had no shortage of Autobots planning to permanently remove him from the face of Cybertron.


Straxus is physically one of the most imposing Decepticons. Straxus personally ordered several cosmetic upgrades to his frame to project a fearsome appearance in keeping with his reputation. Straxus possesses above-average physical strength and durability, although this is counterbalanced by lower than average speed and agility.

Straxus' primary armament is a rocket-propelled energy pick, which was gifted to him by Megatron as a reminder of where the Decepticons originated. Straxus is easily able to bisect weaker Cybertronians with this weapon. His body also conceals multiple missile pods and machine guns for ranged combat.

Straxus transforms into a halftrack self-propelled mortar. In this form Straxus can launch shells up to 2.5 miles, with the equivalent concussive force of 500 pounds of TNT. A secondary transformation sees Straxus assume a stationary mounted gun emplacement mode. In this form, Straxus' effective firing range increases up to 4.5 miles, but at the expense of his mobility. 


Straxus' approach to leadership - using fear rather than inspiring his men - does little to encourage loyalty among his followers, and many desert or transfer to other units. While Straxus himself is a formiddable opponent, the lack of supporters means Straxus can find himself alone and outnumbered against Autobot forces. 

Self-propelled cannon mode:

Transformers Generations Straxus tank mode

Artillery cannon mode:

Transformers Generations Straxus cannon mode

Additional images of Straxus:

Transformers Generations Straxus robot mode posed

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Author notes:

Straxus, or Darkmount as Hasbro called him for trademark reasons, was a solid little toy. For a character who'd only appeared in a few comics, it was awesome to not only get Straxus as a toy at all, but also get him in a form that accurately recreated his look in the comics. He's a toy that I feel has really aged well and I know he'll continue to do so.

If there's only one thing, I'd have loved a Titan Master of Straxus. My enduring memory of the character was as a head in a jar from the UK comics. If the head had been detachable this would have been perfect.