Brimstone (Transformers Cybertron)

Transformers Cybertron Brimstone Beware the scream of the wind!

Decepticons faction symbol and Animatros Planet symbol
Name: Brimstone
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Enforcer
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

Toyline: Transformers Cybertron


Transformers Cybertron Brimstone robot mode
Brimstone is a simple 'bot. He knows what he likes - eating, flying, and fighting - and he's got no real desire to improve or challenge himself. He's a brute through-and-through, a thug who takes sadistic glee in beating up those weaker than himself. Brimstone's view of the world is very simple. Strength is all that matters. The strong lead. The weak get crushed underfoot. Brimstone doesn't feel the need to think for himself. He lets Undermine do that. Brimstone knows Undermine is smarter than he is, and the little guy has beaten plenty of big strong guys (including Brimstone himself). While Brimstone is fairly simple-minded, he should never to be underestimated. His favoured tactic is soaring high above his chosen victim, stalking them silently from the skies before swooping down to strike them, the wind shrieking around him as he dives. Often Brimstone's unsuspecting victim doesn't even know the monstrous Pteranodon has targeted them until they are already on the ground with their face in the dirt, with Brimstone wheeling around in the skies above them for a second assault.


While Brimstone is a little ungainly on land, he is incredibly fast when airbourne in pteranodon mode. Brimstone's top air speed in this form is around 200mph - but when Brimstone dives he can exceed 300mph. Together with his speed, Brimstone is extremely maneuverable in the air, pulling off turns and twists that are impossible for jets and powered aircraft. Brimstone is capable of limited flight in robot mode, but much like his performance on land, his robot mode flight capabilities are awkward and ungainly at best - Brimstone mainly uses his robot mode flight to achieve a vertical takeoff for his dinosaur mode.

Brimstone's strength is above-average for a Cybertronian. He's an average fighter, specialising in a self-taught style of brawling. In Pteranadon mode, Brimstone can lift up to three times his own weight with his talons.

By using the power of his Animatros Force Chip, Brimstone can activate the diamond-edged vanadium blades concealed within his wings. The cutting edge of the blades is keen enough to puncture even the toughest armour or scaly Animatrosian hide. Brimstone typically combines his blades with his high-speed dinosaur mode dives, slicing through opponents like a wind of razors.


Brimstone is phenomenally unintelligent - Autobot medic Red Alert once noted that "he's got a badly undersized CPU in that cranium". Brimstone's lack of intelligence is compounded by laziness. He doesn't even try to think for himself, instead letting others make decisions for him. Without direct supervision, Brimstone is at best ineffective - at worst, he'll get distracted or wander off to indulge in his crueler impulses.

Pteranodon mode:

Transformers Cybertron Brimstone Pteranodon mode Transformers Cybertron Brimstone Pteranodon mode with Force Chip weapons deployed

Additional images of Brimstone:

Transformers Cybertron Brimstone robot mode posed

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Author notes:

I've always enjoyed Brimstone as a toy. He's got a very unique look to him with the asymmetry of his robot mode with that one big boot and his unique transformation for a winged beast Transformer that is simple and fun to do. I always thought of Brimstone as "Skywarp as a dinosaur", which comes through in that colour scheme. It seems to have been shared by Hasbro as it comes through in his bio too - both are unintelligent bullies who need direct supervision who relish in cruelty and sneak attacks.

All things considered, he's a fairly cool little Decepticon and a toy I enjoy coming back to from time to time. Definitely one who's earned his spot in my collection.

A few notes on the profile. Brimstone's function was originally "aerial intelligence" based on his Japanese tech specs. I changed that to "enforcer", given the character's role and thuggish persona in his US packaging bio and his appearance on screen. I also played on his contempt for the weak, which fit the basic idea I was playing with where this guy is essentially a big bully. Something that got cut was his contempt for those who cannot fly, mostly because it conflicted with his friendship with Undermine and deep respect for Scourge.

I'd wanted to include his love of playing cards (Praxus hold 'em) which is referenced in the secondary bio that was available on the Hasbro Transformers website using his Cyber Key code. Like a few story elements I encounter when writing these characters, it just didn't fit with the flow of the profile I was writing. A pity, since I like the idea of him sitting around with Underbite and Wreckloose slacking off over a game of cards instead of doing whatever Scourge has ordered him to do.