Grimstone (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Grimstone
Partner name: Dinobot Drones
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Spiritual leader
Sub-group: Dinobot
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Power Core Combiners


Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone robot mode
An elder on the Cybertronian colony of Eukaris, Grimstone doesn't talk much about his past. In his youth, Grimstone was a troublemaker. He was power-hungry and dreamed of commanding the kind of respect reserved for the great and powerful. And the young Grimstone didn't care much about who he had to step on to achieve his dream. But at some point, something happened which caused Grimstone to reconsider his ways. Few know exactly what happened, but it led Grimstone to repent and embrace a more spiritual outlook on life. In the present day Grimstone is a respected spiritual leader known for his sermons teaching on the dangers of focusing on the self and the virtues of serving others. Some of those who've heard the fervor Grimstone speaks with believe he must has lost a close friend on that dark day in his past, and has spent the rest of his life making sure others do not repeat his mistake. Grimstone has gained a reputation for intelligence and wisdom, and is greatly respected not only by his own tribe, the Scale Walkers, but also by members of the other Eukarian tribes. Grimstone uses this position to impart a philosophy which he hopes will change the nature of his world: that those with strength should aid those without. The irony of abandoning his hunger for power bringing him the respect he so craved in his youth is not lost on Grimstone.


Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone combined mode
Grimstone is a core-type combiner, and commands a team of semi-autonomous Dinobot drones. Grimstone maintains a strong mental link with his drones - far stronger than most other core-type combiners. In addition to issuing commands to his drones, Grimstone can see through his drones' eyes and even transfer his consciousness into one of his drones should his own body be disabled.

Grimstone is a squat, powerful Cybertronian. In robot mode he is easily capable of lifting 50 tonnes, and in dinosaur mode he can smash through a concrete wall without breaking his stride. Grimstone's dinosaur mode has an armoured hide which can shrug off most firepower up to and including medium yield incendiary missiles. Grimstone's physical attributes increase tenfold in combined mode.

Grimstone rarely carries a weapon in robot mode - but as a master of the Cybertronian martial art Tekkaido, he doesn't need one. In dinosaur mode, Grimstone is equipped with twin machine guns. Each of Grimstone's Dinobot drones is equipped with a variety of weaponry including mortars and laser-guided missiles, which Grimstone uses to deadly effect in coordinated attacks. In combined mode, Grimstone has access to all of his drone's weapon systems.

By far Grimstone's most powerful ability is his spiritual control. Through focused meditation, Grimstone can call upon incredible power, such as increased strength or healing others. Grimstone refuses to let Autobot scientists study this ability so it is unknown precisely how it works, but the theory is Grimstone possesses an outlier talent that lets him infuse energy directly into a spark. It is believed that Grimstone's atypically strong connection with his Dinobot drones is related to his spiritual control.


Grimstone was never known for his speed or his agility even when he was in his prime. In his advanced age, Grimstone finds that his mechanisms sometimes grind or seize up - the Cybertronian equivalent of arthritis - greatly limiting his agility.

As a result of his strong connection with his team of Dinobot drones, any damage inflicted on any of the drones is felt by Grimstone himself.

Styracosaurus mode:

Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone Styracosaurus mode Transformers Power Core Combiners Grimstone with Dinobot Drones

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Author notes:

Grimstone was a challenging one to write. His bio has him as a rare power-hungry Autobot who at least uses his power for the right reasons. It's a good setup, but I wanted a bit more - in particular, I wanted to work in the fandom joke about Grimstone being the "Dinopope". I didn't want to disregard the original bio completely but I wanted to reconcile the two different elements.

The solution I used was to pull in a bit of his Japanese Grimmaster bio. Grimmaster started out as a Decepticon but reformed in his later years. From that I took the idea of the juxtaposition of a young Grimstone with his older, mature persona - which gave me the younger, power-hungry Grimstone and the mature, altruistic, selfless Grimstone. I've kept the details of his past vague but in my mind he's someone who used to run with a gang, had something horrible happen, and then off the back of that found God and became a respected community pastor helping other troubled youths.

I've decided to not address whether Dinopope Grimstone is still power-hungry. That's a story to be explored another day - would Grimstone look to spread his particular set of beliefs to Cybertron or Earth? How would he approach it?

In my mind, Grimstone is like Superion in the IDW comics - a rare naturally occurring combiner. In my mind his spiritual control ability works by tapping into the underlying nature of the spark itself - sparks are little bits of the power of creation Primus wields. Grimstone has managed to use his spark to tap into the power of creation and can draw upon incredible power as a result, including creating his own personal Enigma of Combination inside his spark. That's how he's got an unusally strong connection to his drones and also why his drones are beasts rather than vehicles like all the other core-type combiners.