Swoop (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop Fear can hit targets unreachable to bullets.

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Swoop
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Bombardier
Sub-group: Dinobot
Timeline: Generation 1

Toyline: Transformers Power of the Primes


Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop robot mode
Swoop is often tarnished by the Dinobots' reputation for being a rowdy and disobedient combat unit, which makes most Autobots keep their distance. This saddens Swoop, because if you get past the fearsome exterior and the Dinobot's reputation you find a relatively good-natured, kind individual. Swoop is by far the most affable and approachable member of the Dinobots, with a handful of non-Dinobot friends among the Autobots. He's even got a few human friends, including Spike, Carly, and Professor Morris. However, none of that means Swoop is actually nice. While good-natured, Swoop is proud to be a Dinobot. He shares many of his fellow Dinobots' views, including their opinion that Optimus Prime is an ineffective leader. And while Swoop does feel some sadness that his appearance repulses fellow Autobots, he accepts that his personal relationships are less important than defeating the Decepticons. And in that respect, Swoop's fearsome alternate form is perfect. Fear, he finds, is a weapon sharper than any sword. Swoop uses his alternate form to sow panic among Decepticon forces, barely hiding his glee as he watches them scatter as he dives down from the skies with a loud shriek. Ultimately, Swoop finds it a small comfort, and looks forward to the day the war with the Decepticons can be ended so he can finally let go of his fearsome appearance, settle down, and build a peaceful life for himself.


Although Swoop's strength and durability are above average compared to most Autobots, he is by far the weakest of the Dinobots. He makes up for it by being the most agile Dinobot and one of the most fuel-efficient Autobots. Swoop is a rare example of an Autobot who is capable of flight in both robot and alternate form. In both forms, Swoop has excellent maneuverability. In robot mode his aerial mobility is on par with that of the Decepticons' Seeker air forces, but Swoop truly excels in his dinosaur mode which is capable of soaring for up to 250 mph over a range of 700 miles. Swoop's aerial abilities are complemented by the fact that he is also a fully trained pilot, capable of flying everything from small atmospheric shuttles to transport freighters - a skill that frequently proves useful when Grimlock decides to take the Dinobots on an unsanctioned mission and commandeers whatever ship is available.

Swoop's primary armaments are twin guided missile launchers, which are mounted under his wings in dinosaur mode. Boasting air-to-air or air-to-ground capabilities, each missile carries a payload with a blast force of 5,000 lbs of TNT. While the guidance systems on the missiles mean they are extremely accurate at ranges of up to eight miles, Swoop's preferred tactic is to fly with the sun behind him and divebomb his targets, delivering his payload of missiles at point-blank range. This tactic earned Swoop the name "Divebomb" in his younger days, a name he bore until the Predacon Divebomb defeated Swoop and humiliated him so thoroughly that he claimed the name for himself. Swoop can wield his missile launchers in his robot mode; for close combat he wields a thermal sword which can produce intense heat of up to 4,000 degrees centigrade which doesn't so much cut through Decepticon armour as melt through it.


Swoop's high maneuverability comes at the expense of armour - he's less durable than his fellow Dinobots with his wings being particularly vulnerable to Decepticon firepower. This is compounded by Swoop's preference of attacking targets from close range, which exposes him to unnecessary risks and enemy firepower that could easily be avoided if Swoop made full use of the range of his weapons.

Additionally, Swoop bears a grudge against the Predacon named Divebomb. When Divebomb is nearby Swoop can abandon his mission or go AWOL in an ill-advised attempt at settling his personal score with the Predacon.

Pteranodon mode:

Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop Pteranodon mode Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop Pteranodon mode in flight

Additional images of Swoop:

Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop robot mode posed Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop robot mode posed in flight Transformers Power of the Primes Swoop robot mode flying kick

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Author notes:

Swoop is a Dinobot who I have a lot of memories of - which is particularly ironic, considering I never had his toy. Or maybe it's not and me reaching out for anything I could get on the character in the absence of his toy?

Some of the great stories that have stood out concerning Swoop in my mind are Desertion of the Dinobots, where we get to see Swoop play a major role and actually get his personality fleshed out quite a bit. Likewise, while the memories are faded, I remember the Marvel UK story arc where Swoop was controlled by the scientist Professor Morris. I've referenced both of these stories in Swoop's bio as his human friends.

Another story featuring Swoop that is dear to me was a Marvel UK annual story called "What's in a Name?" where Swoop - then named Divebomb - was brutally defeated by the Predacon Divebomb and changed his name out of shame. It's a brilliant short story that sets up a rivalry between Swoop and Divebomb. One of the great things about writing these bios - I can include nods to all these great stories from my childhood (granted, it was a little tricky to find a way to work this story into the bio. I feel like I accomplished it in the end).

Something else that I have been doing with a lot of my bios of the Generation 1 characters is writing them with the Beast Era in mind. In Swoop's case, there is some established lore that shows Swoop survives into the Beast Era, becoming known as the "veteran" and eventually merging with the "cub" to become Windrazor. One twist in the story, though, is that Swoop is never referred to by name in the stories of the "veteran" (at least, not to my knowledge). On that basis, I'm thinking by the time he has become the "veteran" Swoop has taken back the name of Divebomb, having finally settled things with the Predacon who stole his name.

Like the other Dinobots, the Swoop I've featured here is the Power of the Primes Swoop. Swoop is a great figure - a solid favourite of mine and easily the best realised of the Dinobots in the Power of the Primes line. Not only is his poseability excellent but Swoop looks absolutely fantastic in a variety of poses. The details are great, including the use of clear plastic to recreate the look of the oriignal Swoop's beak. I also personally like the fact that we got the blue-chested Swoop based on the animation model rather than the red one based on the toy (which we did actually get later as a Generations Selects release). Swoop comes with his thermal sword weapon, which is great since it can also stand in for the sword Grimlock is sometimes seen wielding. In my mind, though, Swoop is the Dinobot who probably didn't need the sword weapon - the Swoop I remember always had twin missile launchers, and it would have been nice if we could have somehow had that as an option for this version of Swoop. That minor nitpick aside, Swoop is excellent - he was one of my top figures for his year of release and he still holds up well now.