Galvatron (Transformers Energon)

Transformers Energon Galvatron

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Galvatron
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Emperor of Destruction
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

Join me and I will send you to battle. Defy me, and I will send you to oblivion.


Transformers Energon Galvatron robot mode
Many once viewed Megatron as evil incarnate - hatred and tyranny given mechanical form. But those who fought against Megatron during the Micron War knew there was more to Megatron than this. He was a father to his men, treating most of his Decepticon soldiers with respect and working to a code of honour - one that demonstrated skewed morals, but morality none the less.

None of this is present in Megatron's reborn form, Galvatron. Revived after ten years in a state of living death within Unicron, Galvatron is Megatron but even more powerful. All of Megatron's worst aspects are present within Galvatron. He has become a true embodiment of hatred and tyranny without the hinderance of a moral code to hold him back. To Megatron, his soldiers were valued comrades; to Galvatron, they are disposable pawns to be reformatted or discarded as required, with few exceptions. With his exceptional physical power coupled with supernatural abilities derived from a connection to Unicron himself, Galvatron believes it is his destiny to conquer the universe. He may well be powerful enough to achieve this goal.

Little does Galvatron know that his revival was not by chance. He thought he'd drawn upon energon intended for Unicron to effect his rebirth, but in truth, Unicron permitted his revival, and maintains a connection to Galvatron. Much like Sideways before him, Galvatron exists at Unicron's pleasure. He is now an extension of Unicron's own being, only being permitted to pursue his own agenda so long as it furthers Unicron's ambitions. When the time is right, Unicron intends to possess Galvatron's body and use him as a puppet.

Powers and Abilities:

Transformers Energon Galvatron robot mode blasting the camera
Galvatron's strength and endurance are incredible. He is physically without equal; even Optimus Prime cannot rival his power unless he powerlinks with his Prime Force drones or fellow Autobots Wingsaber and Omega Supreme. Most weapons have no appreciable effect on Galvatron. He can shrug off the most powerful artillery blasts without even scorching his armour. Galvatron's physical attributes grow in proportion to his proximity to Unicron; within the core of Unicron, Galvatron is all but unstoppable. Galvatron couples his physical prowess with one of the finest military minds ever seen in Cybertronian history. Under his renewed leadership, the Decepticons and the Terrorcons have become a formiddable force, thanks to some incredible tactical insight on the part of Galvatron.

Galvatron's primary weapon is an arm-mounted railgun designed to resemble his former self's tank mode. A single shot from the railgun can easily punch through 20 foot thick reinforced steel and blow apart anyone unfortunate enough to have been standing on the other side. Galvatron can transform his railgun into an arm-mounted energo sword, which can slice an Autobot in two with little difficulty; those that survive a direct strike from the blade are left paralysed by the blade's energy field which shorts out circuits. Galvatron has two shoulder-mounted particle cannons, each of which can fire blasts of super-heated plasma capable of destroying an entire city block at a range of fifteen miles. Galvatron can directly connect his particle cannons to Unicron's own power reserves to greatly increase their effectiveness and convert their output into anti-matter blasts. Galvatron's wings contain a number of laser beam emitters, each of which can produce a burst of chemically-produced, direct-current electricity. Galvatron's alternate form is a flying fortress capable of raining down destruction using all his weapons from the sky. It is not particularly fast or manoeuvrable, but it makes up for these shortcomings with sheer firepower.

When within Unicron, Galvatron can draw upon and direct the Chaos Bringer's power. This includes accessing Unicron's abilities to reformat matter, which Galvatron has employed to reformat his soldiers into more powerful forms and to enhance his own weapons. Galvatron can directly control Unicron, directing the Chaos Bringer's movements - or at least, Galvatron seems to think he can. Moreover, while inside Unicron Galvatron possesses all the abilities that were wielded by Sideways. He can dissolve himself into particles and reform himself elsewhere, effectively teleporting. He can also shift his appearance, manifesting multiple hands or even a gigantic, disembodied version of his head. Using these abilities puts some strain on Galvatron; he rarely employs them as a consequence.


Galvatron has no significant physical weaknesses. He is, however, incredibly arrogant and occasionally underestimates his opponents. He treats his Decepticon soldiers as disposable, which does little to inspire loyalty among the Decepticon ranks, particularly once it became evident that Galvatron would punish repeated failure with forced reformatting. Galvatron has not fully mastered Unicron's cosmic powers; his inexpert use of reformatting has led to the creation of some powerful but ultimately unintelligent followers who are mere shadows of their former selves.

Stratofortress mode:

Transformers Energon Galvatron Stratofortress mode Transformers Energon Galvatron Stratofortress mode weapons deployed

Author notes:

I know what you're thinking: "but he was Megatron in Energon"! That is absolutely true, he was. But to me, he should be Galvatron. Energon Megatron has Galvatron's origin. His personality undergoes a drastic shift similar to G1 Megatron turning into G1 Galvatron. The change also reflects Megatron's narrative development across the Unicron Trilogy. In Transformers Armada, we have Megatron, he dies and is then reborn via Unicron as Galvatron, then he purges Unicron's influence from himself and comes back in Transformers Cybertron as Megartron once more. That progression works for me. Plus, this character is designed to look like Galvatron.

(I understand that Hasbro considered naming him Galvatron from the get-go in Transformers Energon, rather than keep switching from Megatron to Galvatron. The route they ultimately went down was chosen to protect trademarks)

Writing this version of Galvatron, I pulled in a lot of influence from the original Galvatron, giving this version several abilities and weapons derived from the original (the particle cannons and the laser pods). I also used the same "Megatron but worse" idea that you see in the original Galvatron, and in my opinion it worked even better here. For all his failings, Armada Megatron was one of the nicer Megatrons, and by the time he comes back as Galvatron all of that has gone. It makes Megatron's death and rebirth even more tragic.

When writing Galvatron's more supernatural abilities, I drew a lot of inspiration from Transformers Armada Sideways. It's never been explicitly stated, but in my mind Galvatron is the new Sideways. There are a couple of occasions when you see Galvatron do some fairly crazy stuff which is comparable to what Sideways does in Transformers Armada (see the early episode of Energon where Starscream tries to assassinate Galvatron, only for Galvatron to vanish into particles and reform, exactly like Sideways). I worked on the basis that this must be something that Unicron's chosen can do in this universe. I added in the idea that Galvatron cannot fully control these abilities yet, particularly reformatting. That's my way of addressing a story criticism from Transformers Energon: that interesting characters get reduced to hollow shells of their former selves after being reformatted. Here, I'm suggesting that it's because Galvatron hasn't quite figured out the nuances of the process: he wants to make a Generation 1 Cyclonus, but the best he can do is Snow Cat.

Toys of Transformers Energon Galvatron

Transformers Energon Megatron (Voyager class)

There's two versions of the toy of Energon Megatron / Galvatron - the larger one that was released in the US, and the smaller one that was released in Japan and then later released as a part of a two pack in the US. I personally prefer this smaller Voyager class version of Megatron, since he scales better with the rest of the cast (for the upgraded version of the character, I prefer the larger Galvatron version since that one is much larger and more imposing, which fits the storyline at the end of Transformers Energon).

Both toys share the same engineering, since the smaller one is just a scaled down version of the giant US Megatron. They've got a great Generation 1 Galvatron look, the original deco based on the original toy and the later redeco based on the animation mode. The poseability is so-so - the arms and legs are limited in their movement, which limits some of the poses that the toy can be put into. The spaceship mode is quite nice, though. It looks quite graceful, like some kind of intergalactic swan. Overall, it is a decent toy. It's probably my least favourite of the three Unicron Trilogy Megatrons, but that's because all three are excellent and make for some great villain toys.

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