Ramjet (Transformers Armada)

Transformers Armada Ramjet

Chaos (Unicron) faction symbol
Name: Ramjet
Allegiance: Chaos
Function: Herald of Unicron
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

Accept your fate and welcome the glorious chaos that awaits.


Convention Exclusive Transformers Ramjet robot mode
The being who was once a Decepticon named Ramjet is, by far, the most powerful of all Unicron's heralds, and one of the most dangerous lifeforms to exist in the multiverse. Fanatically loyal to Unicron, Ramjet was once a member of a Unicron-worshipping cult. Upon learning of Unicron's location, Ramjet travelled to the Chaos Bringer and presented himself before the object of his idolation. Ramjet's boldness and zeal amused Unicron, who chose to grant Ramjet a sliver of power and a mission: to destroy Cybertron. Ramjet took to his task with exceptional enthusiasm, completely annihilating his Cybertron, and then seeking out and destroying many of his Cybertron's colonies for good measure. This impressed Unicron - an extremely rare feat - and he granted Ramjet a new body and more power to serve him across the multiverse. Over the millenia that have followed, Ramjet has carried out his master's commands without question, taking great joy in the torture of entire planets full of innocents to announce the coming of Unicron. While Unicron trusts no lesser being, he has granted Ramjet access to a far greater measure of his power than any of his other heralds, and allows him more autonomy.

Ramjet's single greatest fear is that he should ever lose his power and be returned to mundanity. This fear was realised when Unicron's dark essence collapsed into the grand black hole - instantly severing Ramjet's connection to his master. Ramjet was travelling between realities at the time and became stranded between realities, adrift in the swirling mass of anti-matter known as "unspace". Lesser beings would have succumbed to unspace and been distintegrated - but not Ramjet. Through sheer force of will and what little reserves of his Unicron-granted powers remained, Ramjet was able to resist unspace and eventually escape back into reality. His time in unspace warped both his mind and his body. Ramjet's mental state is now extremely unbalanced - he claims that in his time in unspace he encountered impossibly powerful, ancient beings who tortured him and remade him hundreds of times over, but his questionable sanity means it is not clear if this genuinely happened. What is known is the effect that unspace has had on Ramjet's body, which now exists out of phase with reality and is held together solely by Ramjet's own force of will. His mere presence warps the fabric of the space-time continuum around him, like reality itself is corrupted by his mere existence. Moreso now than ever before, Ramjet's ambition is to tear a rift between the physical and astral planes - freeing the "true" Unicron from that higher realm to rend all creation asunder. Ramjet wants to be a witness to this spectacle before finally allowing himself to cease to be.

Powers and Abilities:

Convention Exclusive Transformers Ramjet with shoulder-mounted missile launchersLike all Cybertronians augmented by Unicron, Ramjet is incredibly powerful and possesses incredible strength and power. It was said that as long as Unicron's power flowed through him, Ramjet's power and strength was without limitless. Since his connection to Unicron was severed, Ramjet has lost some of this physical strength but his unspace mutation has, if anything, made him even more powerful in different ways.

Even without Unicron's power or cosmic energy flowing through him, Ramjet is extremely formidable. He has two MX-00 calibre missile launchers which can lock onto the unique energy signature of a Cybertronian's spark; a direct impact will painfully and fatally collapse the unfortunate victim's spark. The missiles are supplemented by two plasma pulse cannons in supersonic jet mode. For close combat, Ramjet wields a pair of Antrodemonus Swords which are concealed within his wings. The blades function similar to energo swords, their molecule-thick cutting edges enhanced by an energy field which delivers a painful and debilitating shock on impact. Like Ramjet himself, the swords were once capable of drawing upon Unicron's chaotic energies - delivering a poisonous dose of Angolmois Energy into any wound they inflicted. After being severed from Unicron's power and his subsequent unspace mutation, Ramjet's swords now draw upon the power of unspace itself, reinforcing their cutting edge with cosmic energy. In supersonic jet mode Ramjet has a top speed of Mach 4 in atmosphere; he is capable of interstellar flight.

A unique ability that Unicron granted to Ramjet was the ability to traverse the multiverse under his own power; with a mere gesture Ramjet could generate a quantum field collapsing local space-time into a wormhole. Ramjet is still able to do this following his stay in unspace - while the nature of the wormhole is slightly different, the end effect is the same. Ramjet is one of the very few beings capable of traversing the multiverse under his own power.

Following his lengthy stay in unspace, Ramjet's physical form has been left as a mass of unstable antimatter out of phase with reality, which he holds together through sheer force of will. Ramjet is constantly crackling with energy, surrounded by a halo of disintegrating matter. Simple physical contact with Ramjet causes immense pain; he can disintegrate other beings by merely touching them. Ramjet can channel the energy that crackles around him into highly destructive bursts of unspace energy, which can destroy almost anything instantaneously in a violent matter / antimatter reaction. Overuse of this ability can weaken Ramjet until he replenishes his reserves; forcing him past this point could cause his physical form to dissipate.

On occasion, Ramjet has been accompanied by a squadron of Mini-Cons who have been reprogrammed to remove all semblance of individuality or personality. They are little more than mindless drones, serving Ramjet's every whim. In a twisted sense, they serve Ramjet as heralds just as Ramjet himself is a herald of Unicron.


Before he was trapped in unspace, Ramjet's sole weakness was his slavish devotion to Unicron which sometimes led him to lose sight of the bigger picture. Following his stay in unspace, Ramjet holds his corrupted physical form together through sheer force of will; a serious lapse of concentration could cause him to lose his physical integrity and it is unclear if Ramjet could reform if this happened. Ramjet is prone to fits of insanity due to things he experienced while in unspace and the continuous, torturous pain he experiences as a result of being out of phase with reality.

Supersonic jet mode:

Convention Exclusive Transformers Ramjet Supersonic jet mode

Author notes:

So here is Ramjet, an awesome character who only ever appeared in the comics and other story media published by the Transformers Collectors Club. He is far and away the single most insanely powerful Transformer I think I have ever seen. There's no sense in avoiding the issue - this character? He's utterly overpowered. I'm left thinking "this guy could take out a universe on his own", and then I'm also asking myself "so how are our heroes meant to ever defeat this guy"?

But for me, that is part of the fun of the character. I wanted to do the insanely overpowered madness that is Ramjet justice. I figured he'd be in constant pain as a result of being out of sync with reality, and his phyiscal structure breaking down and reforming on a regular basis because reality itself is trying to reject him and getting warped simply by his being there. Because of that, I made him a deathseeker - he wants to end his suffering, but he's devoted enough to Unicron that he won't allow that to happen until Unicron's ambition is achieved.

In writing Ramjet, I did take a few liberties. Originally, he was stuck in an amorphous anti-matter void between realities; since I'm writing in 2020 I've got the advantage of tying that into more recent lore, so that space between realities becomes unspace, as seen in Transformers Cyberverse. The original backstory also had eldritch creatures torture Ramjet. I've kept them vague in my telling because I'm considering the possibility that the creatures are actually the Quintessons from Cyberverse - but I wanted to leave it open in case I come up with a better / different story idea later.

This is a character I'd love to see make a comeback - I've got a few ideas for how that might happen, but that's a story for another day, if people are interested.

Toys of Transformers Armada Ramjet

Transformers Collectors Club Exclusive Ramjet

Convention Exclusive Transformers Ramjet robot mode posed Convention Exclusive Transformers Ramjet robot mode with swords
I'm so happy to own the toy of this one. It truly is an excellent exclusive and the new head made for this mold really shines as Ramjet. I feel the mold as a whole is a massive improvement over the original which was based on the Transformers Armada Starscream, and the deco is exceptional, which is no surprise considering all the Transformers Collectors Club toys were done to a very high quality. One thing to watch out for - the swords are very snug in Ramjet's hands, and one of mine actually stuck when I did this photoshoot.

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