Scourge (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Scourge

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Scourge
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Tracker
Timeline: Generation 1

Desolation follows in my trail.


Transformers Legends (Japanese Release of Titans Return) Scourge robot mode
As the leader of a new generation of Decepticon Seekers - The Sweeps - Scourge embodies and exemplifies everything that makes the elite tracker-terminators such a terrifying force. Like all the Decepticons reformatted by Unicron in 2005, Scourge has had every trace of warmth, compassion and remorse erased from his spark, leaving a cold, calculating, merciless warrior. Scourge views friendship as folly and camaraderie as weakness. To Scourge, there are only two types of individuals - those who further the Decepticon cause, and obstacles to be eliminated. And unlike Cyclonus, who despises in-fighting within the Decepticon ranks, Scourge has very little compunction about crushing or betraying fellow Decepticons in the name of the greater good - even going as far as plotting the removal of Galvatron, whose madness Scourge feels will be detrimental to the Decepticons over the long term. Scourge is completely implacable; once he has a target in his sights there is little his victim can do to escape. He is relentless, and most terrifying of all is that Scourge is the least of the three Decepticon commanders forged by Unicron in 2005, representing the tip of the iceberg that is Unicron's dark power.

Powers and Abilities:

Transformers Legends (Japanese Release of Titans Return) Scourge robot mode posed
Scourge is an expert tracker. His sensors are some of the most advanced possessed by any Cybertronian. Scourge claims he can spot an amoeba in an ocean or metal filings in the Sahara desert, and once he's picked up a trail he can follow it from one side of the galaxy to the other. While this is exaggerated boasting on Scourge's part, Scourge can indeed accurately detect even the tiniest traces of organic or mechanical life in a variety of environments and use this to efficiently hunt down a target.

Once Scourge tracks down a target, he employs an assortment of weaponry to utterly destroy his unfortunate victim. Scourge's arsenal includes a head-mounted disintegrator cannon that breaks down molecular bonds, reducing whatever it hits to scattered atoms. Scourge wields a heat laser rifle, which he employs mercilessly to slowly, painfully melt enemies. Scourge's wider arsenal includes acid grenades, high-explosives, energy snares and proton mines. Scourge is an expert physical combatant with strength only exceeded by the likes of Cyclonus and Galvatron. His alternate mode is a hovercraft by design which can handle all forms of terrain; Scourge has upgraded his drive system to achieve flight in atmosphere. In the vacuum of space, Scourge's performance is equal to any Decepticon with a dedicated spacecraft mode.

Scourge has demonstrated a degree of affinity with the Matrix, and was able to draw upon its power when he was briefly in posession of it, enhancing his strength to the point he could best Galvatron with ease. However due to the presence of Unicron's Angolmois Energy in Scourge's body, contact with the Matrix and the power of creation it channels causes Scourge tremendous pain and induces physical mutation. Unlike Unicron himself, contact with the Matrix's energies is not fatal to Scourge, just extremely uncomfortable, like a bad allergic reaction.


Scourge's arrogance is his only significant weakness, as it often leads him to underestimate his opponents or overestimate his own abilities. He also has a habit of grumbling under his breath which creates the impression that he only follows orders grudingly - which often earns him a beating from Galvatron.

Cybertronian hovercraft mode:

Transformers Titans Return Scourge Hovercraft Mode

Scourge's Titans Return Titan Master, Fracas:

Transformers Titans Return Fracas

Author notes:

Here is the third of the three "Unicron Decepticons" from Transformers the Movie. I say it a lot, but Scourge is another good character. He doesn't have the same pressence as Cyclonus in my mind since he was always "the guy who played off Cyclonus" in the cartoon and I don't really remember Scourge from the comics. But Transformers the Movie gave him a great introduction and his different bios create the potential for some interesting stories. I decided to write Scourge as a little less loyal to Galvatron and more loyal to the Decepticon cause. He's not intended to be Starscream 2.0, but he is someone who is a more self-serving than Cyclonus.

The reference to "Burden Hardest to Bear" in the profile is something that I really wanted to include. That was one of Scourge's more memorable moments for me, and I wanted to explain why Scourge was able to draw on the power of the Matrix - the logical explanation to me was that Scourge was like Thunderwing and has an affinity for the Matrix, but because he's tainted by Unicron, trying to draw on the Matrix has some nasty side effects. (And yes, the vehicle mode was nearly labelled as an "intergalactic soapdish")

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Scourge

Transformers Legends (Japanese Titans Return) Scourge

There's a couple of Scourge toys. The Transformers Legends (Japanese Titans Return) Scourge is a fantastic update and homage to the original toy. I specifically chose the Legends one over the US release because I felt the colours on the Japanese release were a little sharper and just overall looked nicely. The robot mode boasts some good poseability, and the space hovercraft mode is a good and faithful update to the original. The only issue I have is the hovercraft mode has those two flaps under it, which mar the sleek look of the design.

The other modern Scourge toys are the Botcon 2009 version, which is a fantastic remold of the Cybertron Noisemaze / Sideways toy which I've repurposed as a Sweep, and the Generations Scourge, which I consider to be Scourge's Earth mode. Generations Scourge is a great alternative take on the character with a modernised robot mode, even better poseability than the Legends version, and a really cool alternate form that homages the original soapdish alternate mode while grounding it in the real world. I'll update this page with photos of that one up the line, along with some material on Scourge's Targetmaster partner, Fracas.

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