Sharkticon (Transformers Energon)

Transformers Energon Sharkticon

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Sharkticon
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Biomechanical Engineer
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

If I don't grind you to shreds, I'll blast you to bits.


Transformers Energon Sharkticon robot mode
When most Decepticons think about Sharkticon, they think of an awkward, scrawny excuse for a Decepticon with poor personal hygiene and a sick, dark sense of humour. Most, even his one-time friend Sixshot, were grateful he was left behind when the majority of the Decepticons joined Galvatron's quest to revive Unicron as a Decepticon super weapon.

That was two years ago. Cybertron is at peace once more following the destruction of Unicron and the deaths of Galvatron and his chief lieutenants. In this peaceful time, Sharkticon has reemerged. No longer awkward or scrawny, Sharkticon is now tall, well-spoken and well-built, capable of intimidating Cybertronians many times his size with little more than a glare. He doesn't even stink nearly as bad as he used to (but most Cybertronian olfactory sensors still register a distinct musk whenever Sharkticon is around). Sharkticon's intimidating physical pressence and charismatic manner of speech has enabled him to rally the remaining Decepticons to his side as he launches a campaign to "avenge Lord Galvatron". Sharkticon is now an expert combatant, cruelly dispatching his enemies in ways that sicken even the most sadistic of his followers. Sharkticon claims he does this to send a message; but in truth, Sharkticon simply enjoys killing.

Sharkticon's claims of "avenging Galvatron" are, in truth, only a cover for his true intentions. During the previous two years, Sharkticon discovered the secret of Unicron's power - the "Unicron cell", aka "Angolmois Energy". Sharkticon's transformation and incredible new strength is a result of self-experimentation using a "super-soldier syrum" he derived using Angolmois Energy. Sharkticon jealously guards this secret, sharing it only with his closest allies. Yet even with this power, Sharkticon wants more. He has theorised that there must also be a "Primus Cell", and believes that by combining it with Angolmois Energy, he can achieve a new level of evolution. Thus, Sharkticon's ultimate goal is to obtain the one being in the universe known to have been touched by Primus: Kicker Jones.

Powers and Abilities:

Sharkticon had a genius level intellect even before he enhanced himself with his "super-soldier syrum". He specialises in Cybertronian bio-engineering and his body conceals a number of gadgets and weapons, all of Sharkticon's own design. Thanks to his Unicron-derived super-soldier syrum, Sharkticon is physically very strong and has above-average endurance and agility. His physical strength is on par with a Powerlinked Autobot or Landmine in his Brute Mode. Sharkticon's punches are made even deadlier by rock boosters attached to his forearms; just one of his rocket-assisted punches can strike with enough force to shatter a reinforced steel slab.

Sharkticon's weapon of choice is an energon scimitar. Sharkticon can form the weapon at will from his personal energon reserves, materialising it in his hand in a brilliant flash of energy. The blade's cutting edge is pure energon - it never dulls and scrambles circuit damage as it slices through opponents. The blade also leaves a toxic energon residue in the wounds it inflicts; left untreated, these wounds can become infected and life-threatening.

In alternate mode, Sharkticon is adept at combat in sub-aquatic or outer space environments, moving with the speed of a submarine and the killing intent of a shark. Sharkticon's alternate mode is equipped with four double-barreled turbolaser turrets and two proton torpedo launchers. An advanced sensor array powered by an algorithm of Sharkticon's own devising ensures his lasers and torpedoes are accurate at ranges in excess of 100 miles. Sharkticon has a further "hyper power" attack mode where the front of his alternate form opens to expose two advanced tactical "Sharknado" cluster missile launchers. Each missile has an effective range of 200 miles; on reaching their target they explode into a whirling mass of shrapnel and smaller independently guided missiles. Sharkticon retains access to this weapons system in his robot mode, albeit with reduced range due to compromises made to reduce recoil.


Sharkticon really likes to lord it over opponents that he thinks have been defeated, often taking time to mock them before destroying them. This has more than once created an opening for his opponent to escape, launch a counterattack, or be rescued by their allies. Sharkticon's obsession with unlocking the secrets of Unicron and Primus' power frequently takes priority over other considerations - including his own allies. On top of this, his self-experimentation has left him a little unstable - particularly when he's angry.

He also really stinks. Transforming yourself into a super-powered warrior doesn't do anything for poor standards of personal care.

Spaceship mode:

Transformers Energon Sharkticon Spaceship mode Transformers Energon Sharkticon Spaceship mode weapons deployed

Author notes:

For this bio, I injected a huge amount of my own ideas. Way back when I watched Energon and got the Sharkticon toy, I picked up on how Sharkticon had this menacing look to him (it's the helmet) and I imagined him as a cloaked, Sith style supervillain appearing in a "post Energon" sequel story with Slugslinger as his lieutenant. A big part of that "post Energon" story would have revolved around "Primus Cells" and "Unicron Cells", which I've redrafted now with the benefit of knowing a bit more about the lore around Unicron's dark essence / Angolmois Energy.

This was all developed before I knew about Sharkticon's actual bio - so I combined the two concepts. I feel it has given Sharkticon more depth than my old writeup where he was just a generic cloaked villain, even if he's now become "revenge of the nerd: Transformers edition" (on the other hand, I don't think we have such a character in Transformers yet?) I initially wrote a a different version of Sharkticon's story, and realised I'd written IDW's version of Shokaract. I promptly went back and rewrote Sharkticon to make him more unique.

Toys of Transformers Energon Sharkticon

Transformers Energon Sharkticon

Transformers Energon Sharkticon scimitar battle ready pose Transformers Energon Sharkticon scimitar slash pose Transformers Energon Sharkticon robot mode launcher deployed Transformers Energon Sharkticon robot mode twin cannons deployed
The Energon Sharkticon toy has always been a favourite of mine, if you couldn't tell by how I wrote an entire storyline to make him relevant in my collection. He's an extremely cool toy, with a great regal look in his robot mode. Really, all he needs is a cloak to complete the regal look (I tried one I had around for this shoot - it didn't fit over his backpack). He's got great poseability on a par with a lot of modern toys, and the "hyper power" gimmick integrates really well into both the robot and alternate mode. That alternate mode looks fantastic, too - it's a deadly shark submarine that looks like it would be a real threat to anyone who ventures into the water (or outer space, because it also makes a great spaceship).

Short version: I like this one a lot. He's one of the best.

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