My Collecting Journey: December 2020

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AKA: Why I've not published anything on here since the end of July...

To give a short answer to that lead-in, the reason is burnout. 

At this point, the worldwide pandemic isn't news to anyone. I actually welcomed the UK government's stay-at-home instruction, because as a guy who worked 40+ hours a week, the opportunity to claw back the couple of hours a day I was spending on my commute and use that time for rest, relaxation, hobbies, and my family seemed like a good thing. I have always been of a mind to find the positives even in the worst situations, and decided to use the opportunity to sort out my work-life balance. 

And for a while, that's exactly what I did, and you saw the fruits of those labours throughout the early months of this year as I started to realise the ambition of writing profiles for all the many wonderful and different Transformers characters out there. 

But after a few months, I started to realise a few things. Even though I'm a total introvert, having the circle of people who I interract with on a regular basis reduced to just my immediate family and a few neighbours I'd see when going out for exercise really affected me. Being at home for so much time, this tremendous opportunity I'd previously welcomed, suddenly became a crushing monotonous tedium. 

I found myself emotionally depleted, unable to properly focus, and some days it was an achievement to get dressed in the morning and not spend all day in my pyjamas - especially when I didn't have to show my face in any video conferenced meetings. I think that probably showed up intermittently in some of my photos - I know some of my poses and angles lately simply aren't the best that they could be. 

Fortunately, I recognised the signs. I've experienced burnout in the past, and truth be told, I am in a much better place now to handle that kind of thing. I know that giving in to the things I was starting to feel was a surefire way to make myself a whole lot worse. As they say in CBT, "you think what you feel"; or as it says in the Bible, "you have what you say". And so I chose to back off from posting, focus on myself, work on my self-care. Nurture a positive outlook and make a few positive affirmations to get me back in the right place mentally. 

I'm sharing this with all of you because I want to let you know it is okay to feel this way. We live in strange and challenging times, and nobody is going to expect you to be feeling amazing under the current circumstances. It's okay to not feel okay, and if you are feeling this way, I'd encourage you to reach out to your friends. Set up a video call, or arrange a (socially distanced) walk in the park. 

As for me? This post kicks off a new phase for my little corner of the internet. This post is going to be the first in a series about "the collecting journey": going into the experience of collecting and my personal philosophy on buying these plastic robot toys, which will also occasionally branch out to cover my personal thoughts on some of these toy lines. I'm mainly doing this for fun, so please don't expect those posts to follow a regular schedule. 

Another thing I have wanted to do for a while is to revive the regular profile postings, but with a bit of a difference. Those who follow me on Instagram will know I'm infamous for my crazy long post descriptions which are bios for the many characters I choose to feature. What you perhaps don't know is that some of those posts actually have to get trimmed for Instagram's character limit. Or maybe you do: I tend to ramble a bit. And what I intend to do moving forward is recreate those Instagram posts on here. They'll be the "uncut" full versions, and eventually, who knows - I just might go back and add in the abilities and weaknesses sections to fully flesh the things out. 

That's all from me in this update. Stay safe, follow any guidance issued with the intention of keeping you safe, and God bless.