Grapple (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Grapple

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Grapple
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Architect
Timeline: Generation 1

Beauty is in everything except war.


Transformers Masterpiece Grapple robot mode
Like many of the Autobots, the moody and sullen Grapple is an unwilling soldier. He is one of the best structural engineers among the Autobot ranks - able to quickly erect facilities and fortifications to support the Autobot forces as they move into battle with the Decepticons. And yet, Grapple finds no real joy in his work. When he looks at the stark bunkers and staging areas he is tasked with creating, he reflects on his old life on Cybertron, where he was a renowned architect. Many of the skylines of Cybertron's cities were distinguished by his buildings. These buildings were known for their incredible elegance, the way intricate designs were expertly interwoven with perfect functionality. They were, for lack of any better words, works of art. Grapple enjoyed the adoration he received as a result of his work, but what he enjoyed more was that for every new building he completed, he received a dozen more commissions - more opportunities to practice his craft and leave his distinctive mark on Cybertron. Like many, Grapple was hopeful when the Decepticons rose up that the violence would pass quickly; it took the destruction of one of his most celebrated buildings to make him take the conflict seriously. Grapple has some serious self-loathing because of the fact it took one of his buildings being destroyed, and not the loss of countless innocent lives, to spur him into action. Even now, seeing one of his structures destroyed in the course of a battle can leave Grapple severely depressed. One of the few things that has helped Grapple work through his depressive moods is helping to rebuild human buildings destroyed in the crossfire of the Autobots' battles with the Decepticons. In taking part in the rebuilding efforts - often replacing damaged buildings with something better in the process - Grapple has recaptured some of his old flair for construction, and even the joy he felt before the war for Cybertron.

Crane mode:

Transformers Masterpiece Grapple Crane mode

Author notes:

Grapple was a fun one to write about. His bios in the Marvel and Dreamwave profiles complement each other, Marvel setting out the personality and Dreamwave giving a bit of a backstory. I've used elements of both, along with filling in a few blanks with how Grapple has found a way to help himself by fixing damaged human buildings. I was tempted to pick up on a thread in Defensor's bio - that some humans are scared of the Autobots - but I felt it took away from the overall message at the end of the profile. That would be a good thread for a story, though.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Grapple

Transformers Masterpiece Grapple

Transformers Masterpiece Grapple robot mode posed Transformers Masterpiece Grapple robot mode alternate pose Transformers Masterpiece Grapple Generation 1 box art pose
Transformers Masterpiece Grapple with solar power tower model Transformers Masterpiece Grapple with cartoon head and chest posed 1 Transformers Masterpiece Grapple with cartoon head and chest posed 2 Transformers Masterpiece Grapple with cartoon head and chest posed 3
Transformers Masterpiece Grapple crane mode alternate angle Transformers Masterpiece Grapple crane mode claw attachment Transformers Masterpiece Grapple crane mode shovel attachment
Masterpiece Grapple is a seriously fun interation of the original Grapple design. The way this one transforms is next-level in terms of the engineering, with the way some of the parts tuck away - especially the crane - having some serious "wow" factor in the transformation. It's one who I enjoy transforming, although picking Grapple up again after not having looked at him for a while, I found a few of the steps to be a little unintuitive. Even so, Grapple is another Masterpiece who completely nails the look and feel of the original character. His accessories are a great bonus, too.

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