Hound (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Hound

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Hound
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Scout
Sub-group: Firestormer
Timeline: Generation 1

Observe everything, remember even more.


Transformers Masterpiece Hound robot mode
Hound is one of the most peaceful members of the Autobots. Most say Hound is one of the nicest individuals that you can ever hope to meet, with a warm, friendly and above all loyal personality. Those who knew Hound before the outbreak of the war say Hound has changed for the better since coming to Earth. In those old days, Hound was a drifter who went from place to place. His friends knew that Hound never felt at home on Cybertron, his years drifting from place to place an attempt at finding a place to belong. At the outbreak of the war, many were surprised, but grateful, when Hound decided to enlist with the Autobots, putting his quest to find his place in the world on hold to defend those he loved. His bravery and loyalty made Hound an excellent soldier and one of Optimus Prime's most valued Autobots. Since arriving on Earth, Hound feels like he has finally found his place in the universe. At last, on this world so unlike Cybertron, full of natural wonders and beautiful outdoor vistas, he's found what he searched for in all those years on Cybertron. And while Hound would love to simply spend his days exploring Earth, moving among its people and experiencing all it has to offer, he fights with more determination than ever. He saw Cybertron reduced to a burnt out, battle scarred husk of a world through centuries of war, and refuses to allow the same fate to befall Earth.

Jeep mode:

Transformers Masterpiece Hound Jeep mode

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Transformers Masterpiece Hound

Transformers Masterpiece Hound robot mode posed Transformers Masterpiece Hound action pose Transformers Masterpiece Hound Generation 1 box art pose Transformers Masterpiece Hound shocked pose
Transformers Masterpiece Hound hologram projection Transformers Masterpiece Hound with diving faceplate Transformers Masterpiece Hound jeep mode alternate angle Transformers Masterpiece Hound jeep mode with roof deployed
Hound is the last of the Masterpieces that I got, and my experience with him has all but ensured that I'll never get another Masterpiece release. While he is absolutely lovely to look at in both his modes, he's not fun to transform in the slightest. The transformation is so complicated and involved, and some of the parts feel so fragile that I felt something could easily break while transforming him into robot mode. The transformation back to jeep mode was even worse, since the instructions were unclear enough when read in reverse that I sometimes struggled to remember where certain parts went. It makes me miss the simpler, less accurate but more fun and playable days of the early Masterpiece releases.

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Transformers Universe Hound

Transformers Universe Hound robot mode Transformers Universe Hound robot mode alternate pose Transformers Universe Hound jeep mode
Transformers Universe Hound is an utterly lovely toy. He's quite simple, and one of the smaller releases from the 2008-9 25th anniversary lineup. That however takes nothing away from the fact that this is a perfect rendition of Generation 1 Hound for any Classics / Generations Transformers collection. He's a mold that has really stood the test of time, and I have yet to see anything come along that might replace him. I have a feeling that Hasbro also knows this, given Hound is one of the few characters from the Siege line to have not received an Earth mode update in Earthrise or Kingdom, or at least to have one that is rumoured to have been worked on.

The big gun that Hound is holding in these pics is an accessory made by Renderform. It's a cool add-on which frees the included accessory for mounting on the shoulder, but it's too big for the size of the toy, and especially for Hound's peaceful nature. Generation 1 Hound is not a gun-toting warrior.

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