Inferno (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Inferno

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Inferno
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Search & Rescue
Sub-group: Survivor
Timeline: Generation 1

Where there's smoke, there's me.


Transformers Masterpiece Inferno robot mode
Inferno is a daredevil Autobot who lives by the credo "the hotter things get, the better I like it!" - and he's not just referring to fires. A fearless first responder, Inferno always places the safety of others ahead of his own. While he's exceptionally good at his primary function of search and rescue, Inferno loves nothing more than a good fight, to the point the promise of one can often distract him from his actual mission. Unfortunately, many of Inferno's rescue missions take him into combat situations, and once a battle starts raging, Inferno cannot help but be distracted with fighting the Decepticons. It's not that Inferno is irresponsible; he genuinely wants to do a good job and takes a lot of satisfaction in saving innocent lives. It's just that the more intense the situation, the more the gung-ho Inferno gets fired up; and the more fired up Inferno is, the more he's liable to give into his fighting spirit and leap into a fistfight with the nearest Decepticon. Once Inferno gets fired up, there's no stopping him - he has even occasionally ignored direct orders to rush into battle and antagonise the Decepticons. The craftier Decepticons who know of Inferno's hot-blooded spirit sometimes try to find ways to exploit this part of Inferno's personality. Inferno's record for disregarding orders has earned him no shortage of complaints, and a personal reprimand from Optimus Prime. Inferno is often apologetic in these situations; he accepts that his great problem is that he tries to do too much on a mission. His comrades, while frustrated by Inferno's lack of focus, do appreciate Inferno's commitment to the Autobot mission, as well as his eagerness and enthusiasm.

Fire Engine mode:

Transformers Masterpiece Inferno Fire Engine mode Transformers Masterpiece Inferno Fire Engine mode alternate angle

Author notes:

I wonder why we never saw a character like Inferno in the Rescue Bots or Rescue Bots Academy series - he'd be a perfect fit for that series! A daredevil first responder who gets distracted by opportunities to do something thrilling in the line of duty? That seems like a natural fit for the Rescue Bots universe. Overall, Inferno is an awesome character who I'd definitely like to see make a return appearance, if his personality followed the original bio's writing.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Inferno

Transformers Masterpiece Inferno

Transformers Masterpiece Inferno Generation 1 box art pose Transformers Masterpiece Inferno robot mode posed Transformers Masterpiece Inferno extinguisher water blast Transformers Masterpiece Inferno with communicator
Masterpiece Inferno is a fun release. I greatly enjoy the way his transformation is quite involved, especially the way the ladder folds away into the torso of the figure. The way the legs in particular transform is a nice touch, and compared to Grapple, I found Inferno's transformation to be just a little more intuitive due to the fact he didn't have quite so much going on with the base of the ladder compared to the pistons on Grapple's crane. Another nice touch is, like Grapple, you have a choice of helmet parts for Inferno based on both of his animation models that were used at different points in the Generation 1 cartoon.

I really like this one - it is another example of the Masterpiece line at what I consider to be its best.

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