Red Alert (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Red Alert

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Red Alert
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Security Director
Timeline: Generation 1

Caution can never be overused.


Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert robot mode
The Autobot security director, Red Alert is a 'bot defined by extreme paranoia. It is a trait that makes him extremely good at his job - when he can keep it under his control. Nothing escapes Red Alert's notice - not a single puff of smoke, or an unscheduled departure by an ally, or a faint dripping from a leaking pipe. Anything out of place, no matter how small, launches Red Alert into a flurry of action, frantically analysing risks and preparing counter-strategies even as he raises the alarm. More than once, Spike has returned to the Ark to find Red Alert interrogating a cassette tape on the assumption it was one of Soundwave's spies (it was actually a mixtape Carly made for Spike). This edgy, jittery behaviour does little to endear Red Alert to the Autobots; many feel Red Alert goes too far, especially after he installed hidden cameras throughout the Ark and started keeping detailed files on all the Autobots, including full specifications on their abilities and weaknesses. When challenged, Red Alert merely said he was being prepared in the event that the Decepticons reprogrammed the Autobots or created evil clones with similar technical specifications. Although this incident left a bad taste in the mouths of his fellow Autobots, they mostly conceded that Red Alert had a point. Moreover, even though he sometimes cries wolf, Red Alert's over-the-top security protocols have contributed to stopping more than a few Decepticon plots. Most Autobots respect Red Alert's dedication to his duty; they just wish he'd lighten up a little. Red Alert always responds to these suggestions with the same grim determination: "evil is never off-duty".

Lamborghini Countach LP500S mode:

Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert Lamborghini Countach LP500S mode

Author notes:

For this bio of Red Alert, I really wanted to work up the paranoia aspect. I reread some of the different toy bios that had been written for Red Alert, including the Generations Red Alert bio which mentioned Red Alert's habt of setting up hidden cameras. This made me think of a Justice League comic where Batman prepared files on all of the Justice League members; I figured Red Alert would do the same sort of thing, especially given in the Generation 1 cartoon there were occasions where characters got turned evil for an episode or cloned. I also liked the mental image of Red Alert interrogating a completely innocent cassette tape; naturally he wouldn't trust Spike's testimony given the number of occasions where Soundwave and his minions have been carried into the Autobot base by Spike.

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Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert

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Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert Generation 1 box art pose Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert paranoia sparks effect part Transformers Masterpiece Red Alert Lamborghini Countach LP500S mode alternate angle
Like Masterpiece Sideswipe, Red Alert is a lovely toy. This one I held off on getting until he was reissued, and he has a great deco. I also like the new tooling on the shoulders, it's a small detail that recalls the animation model. It's a nice touch that helps to give him an identity of his own apart from Sideswipe while respecting their similar base designs. I also like the effect part that recreates the "sparks" around Red Alert's head when his paranoia went out of control in the one episode that heavily featured Red Alert.

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