Reflector (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Reflector

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Reflector
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Reconnaissance
Timeline: Generation 1

See and you can know - know and you can destroy.


Transformers Siege Reflector robot mode
The trio of Decepticons collectively known as Reflector can charitably be referred to as "forgettable", "generic", or "anonymous" - and that's just how they like it. The trio - known individually as Viewfinder, Spectro and Spyglass - make full use of the fact nobody ever pays them any mind when they carry out their work as spies for the Decepticon cause. They quietly infiltrate and fade into the background, observing anything and everything, from vegetation and architecture, to topography, to potential blackmail material. Although many Decepticons think of Reflector as one individual whose consciousness is split across three bodies - an opinion rooted in the way Reflector's three members share a basic body design and often speak in unison - the reality is that Reflector's three members each have their own individual personalities and identities. The leader of the trio, Viewfinder, is the most despicable. He is a voyeur who wants to know every dirty secret about friend and foe alike, for the purposes of blackmailing his fellow Decepticons and identifying the emotional weaknesses of the Autobots. Spyglass is Viewfinder's willing accomplice in his many schemes. Spyglass loves information, voraciously consuming whatever scraps of knowledge he can find to understand others, especially their weaknesses. The third member of the trio, Spectro, is a more simple-minded individual; quick to take credit for accomplishments, and quick to blame others for his failings. He's less willing to go along with Viewfinder and Spyglass' schemes, and often has to be cajoled or tricked into playing his part by his teammates. More than once, Viewfinder has felt it necessary to blackmail Spectro to keep him from reporting the rest of the group's activities.

Camera mode:

Transformers Siege Refraktor Camera mode Transformers Siege Refraktor Camera mode, alternate angle

Orbital Telescope mode:

Transformers Siege Reflector Orbital Telescope mode

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Reflector

Transformers Siege Reflector

Transformers Siege Refraktor posed with blasters 1 Transformers Siege Refraktor posed with blasters 2 Transformers Siege Refraktor posed with blasters 3 Transformers Siege Refraktor standing together in robot mode
Transformers Siege Refraktor robot mode posed with blast shields 1 Transformers Siege Refraktor robot mode posed with blast shields 2 Transformers Siege Refraktor Orbital Telescope mode, alternate angle
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