Thundercracker (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Thundercracker

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Thundercracker
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Warrior
Sub-group: Seeker
Timeline: Generation 1

The deadliest weapon is terror.


Transformers Robot Masters Thundercracker robot mode
Out of the three Seekers, Thundercracker is known as the goofy one. Whether on patrol or in the middle of a firefight, Thundercracker will be the one cracking wise about the situation. His constant jokes grate on his fellow Decepticons - especially Skywarp - but most Decepticons respect Thundercracker's exceptional skill in aerial combat, and concede they'd rather put up with Thundercracker's wisecracks than be the butt of Skywarp's practical jokes or endure Starscream's scheming. But behind the goofy, joking exterior lies a darker, more contemptuous side of Thundercracker. As he soars through Decepticon-controlled skies, Thundercracker gazes down with scorn at those on the ground, feeling a mix of contempt and pity toward those who cannot fly under their own power. Thundercracker views the ability to fly as the ultimate freedom; those who cannot fly are therefore inferior beings. Decepticon propaganda has only served to enflame and reinforce Thundercracker's superiority complex; Megatron's leadership gives Thundercracker direction, meaning and purpose - things that he craves as a mass-manufactured Cybertronian sharing a bodytype with hundreds if not thousands of others. Thundercracker has never been fully convinced of the Decepticon cause, and remains loyal mainly because without some sort of cause to give him direction, Thundercracker would find life unbearable. Unlike many of his fellow Decepticons, Thundercracker doesn't like hurting innocent beings, especially humans, whose ability to create works of art and culture in spite of their short lifespans fascinates Thundercracker. Thundercracker might walk away from the Decepticons entirely, were it not for the fact he craves some sort of meaning in his life.

Jet mode:

Transformers Robot Masters Thundercracker Jet mode

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Thundercracker

Transformers Robot Masters Thundercracker

Transformers Robot Masters Thundercracker Generation 1 box art pose Transformers Robot Masters Thundercracker robot mode posed
The Robot Masters versions of the Seeker trio are interesting oddities. They were some of the first toys to truly recreate the original animation models and try to translate that design into toy form, and the results are mixed. While they look great (for the time), as toys they aren't amazing. They have limited poseability, and the strangely mismatched panels in jet mode look odd. They're oddities and they've been completely superseded by the superior Classics and Earthrise versions in the mainlines, and the variety of Masterpiece level designs available for those with higher levels of disposeable income.

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