Fixit (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Fixit

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Fixit
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Surgeon
Sub-group: Micromaster, Rescue Patrol
Timeline: Generation 1

The worst wrecks are my best patients


Transformers Generation 1 Fixit robot mode
He may be small, but Fixit has more determination in his spark than most Autobots three times his size. No matter how dire a situation is, Fixit never, ever gives up. He applies his never-say-die attitude to everything, from the battlefield to the operating theatre. Fixit has a unique and exceptionally keen problem-solving mindset which means even if he's cornered by Decepticons, or faced with a patient whose fuel pump is seconds away from a catastrophic rupture, Fixit is able to find a solution. These qualities, and his ability to keep a cool head in spite of it all, earned Fixit the leadership of the Micromaster Rescue Patrol, a squadron of search and rescue specialists known for their fearless natures. When Fixit first joined the team, it was under the leadership of Stakeout, a 'bot who was seen as something of a loose cannon by Autobot command. Stakeout disliked Fixit at first, finding Fixit to be a bit of a "goody two shoes" in contrast to his own pragmatic approach, but over time he came to respect Fixit's determination and dedication. The two forged a strong friendship that culminated in Stakeout resigning as the leader of the Rescue Patrol, and recommending Fixit for the position instead. Leadership of a Micromaster patrol has given Fixit a whole new set of challenges, but it has been an experience which has brought out the very best in Fixit. Led by Fixit's example and inspired by the young Micromaster's determination, the Rescue Patrol has gone from strength to strength.

Ambulance mode:

Transformers Generation 1 Fixit Ambulance mode

Author notes:

I never really knew a whole lot about Fixit from the old comics - probably because Marvel didn't give him a whole lot to do other than fixing wounded Autobots. A lot of his backstory, especially his complicated relationship with Stakeout, came from the Dreamwave profiles. Dreamwave did good work fleshing out the Micromasters in their profile books. If I were to tell a story involving Fixit, I think his history with Stakeout, and his wrestling with the responsibility of leadership as he learns the reins of command, would be the crux of it.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Fixit

Transformers Generation 1 Fixit

Transformers Generation 1 Fixit robot mode alternate pose Transformers Generation 1 Fixit Ambulance mode alternate angle
Fixit is a fairly unimpressive toy, but that's the thing with the Micromasters - they generally weren't that impressive because they were so small. He's quite basic in his transformation, even by Micromaster standards, and his design just feels really generic. I don't dislike Fixit, it's more a case that I have no attachment to the character or his design like I do with a lot of characters. His bio isn't even that exciting, even with my own embellishments added.

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