Glit (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Glit

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Glit
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Doctor
Timeline: Generation 1

Either shut up and let me treat you, or stop getting injured! It's your choice!


Transformers Kiss Players Glit jaguar mode
There is a legend shared by Autobots, huddled in the trenches during the harsh nights of the war for Cybertron. A legend of a being who is the personification of mercy and compassion. A being whose appearance on a battlefield means that nobody will die that day. Their name is... Glit.

A Decepticon medic who holds himself to a high standard of ethics and believes strongly in the sanctity of life, Glit prowls battlefields, his keen sense of smell and sharp optic sensors never missing a wounded soldier from either side. A soft-mannered yet phenomenally stubborn individual, Glit is the Decepticons' best surgeon. He steadfastly refuses to let anyone - not even Megatron himself - intimidate him into leaving a wounded Autobot to die. When Glit says all life is sacred, he means it - to him, Autobot lives are worth preserving, even though he strongly disagrees with their code, and is a major proponent of the Decepticon ideology as originally espoused by Megatron in his early days. Glit feels pity for the Autobots, believing they are mistaken, but does not believe in killing them (or anyone else) for holding different opinions. On the contrary, Glit would rather engage in a debate with those Autobots who he nurses back to health, teaching them the "true" meaning of the Decepticon cause. His attitude and personality means that even the most violent Decepticon or hard-line Autobot become obedient and passive patients. Indeed, it is said that even though he's sometimes a little grumpy, Glit holds no grudges against anyone, and in return he is respected by many warriors on both sides of the war.

Cassette mode:

Transformers Kiss Players Glit Cassette mode

Author notes:

Glit is an interesting character in the wider Transformers lore. He's a Decepticon medic, which is a rarity, but on top of that, he's actually one of the good guys, in spite of working for the villains. This is something that I really like, because it makes sense that not all members of the villain faction would actually be evil, and Glit's character - a medic who'll treat the wounded of both sides - is a perfect way to explore that idea. I've written a couple of other "noble villains" along the way like Hardtop from Transformers Cybertron, and it is definitely an idea that I will explore more as I write about these characters in the future.

An idea that I added to Glit's backstory are his views on the Decepticon code. Because of his unique backstory, I wanted to reconcile the fact he's a Decepticon with the fact he'll heal Autobots, disobeying Megatron's orders. The answer I found was that Glit is a true belivever in the values espoused by Megatron in his earliest days - essentially, he believes the Decepticon way of viewing the world is the right way, therefore he is a part of the Decepticon army, but he doesn't agree with all their methods and genuinely wants to see the Autobots embrace the Decepticon doctrine and repent the errors of their ways. That gives me a lovely mental image of Glit helping nurse a damaged Autobot back to health and debating with them the virtues of the cause. Someone might accuse the Decepticons of being a violent warband; to this, Glit would probably say "ah, but didn't you draw your weapon against me when you saw my Decepticon sigil? Doesn't that make you the violent one?"

I figure Glit has probably found his way onto the Decepticon Justice Division's list more than once for patching up Autobots - but because he's such a good guy and he's patched up a couple of members of the DJD, someone like Nikel quietly takes him off the list again when Tarn isn't looking.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Glit

Transformers Kiss Players Glit

Kiss Players Glit is a white redeco of the Generation 1 Ravage. His deco is very striking, with his white complemented by metallic blue. It looks great on the mold, and really stands out from the dark, moody deco on Ravage. The toy itself is decent, although I was never really a fan of the Generation 1 Ravage toy. I always felt he was a bit too flat. Granted, that's a limitation of the original mold, but it always made Ravage my least favourite of all the original cassette toys, and unfortunately that carries over to Glit, too.

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