Moonheart (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Moonheart

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Moonheart
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Repair & Maintenance
Sub-group: Four Guards
Timeline: Generation 1

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Transformers Unite Warriors Moonheart robot mode
On the surface, Moonheart has all the hallmarks of a respectable doctor. She is cool, collected, and calm under pressure, all of which are essential when operating on the wounded. In addition, Moonheart's knowledge of Cybertronian anatomy is almost unparalleled. She would be one of Cybertron's greatest medical minds. However, a string of incidents where drifters were found with critical systems missing eventually led the authorities to Moonheart and her less ethical conduct - particularly her involvement in an illicit, underground component harvesting ring. Disgraced, Moonheart was debarred from medical practice and imprisoned, until Megatron, in need of medics to patch up his Decepticon soldiers, liberated Moonheart. Megatron was pleased to welcome a medic of Moonheart's calibre into the Decepticon ranks; her willingness to extract useful parts and special abilities from Autobot prisoners made her particularly useful to the Decepticons. It is rumoured that Moonheart is the one responsible for giving Megaempress the ability to merge with her four guardians to form Megatronia, having extracted the secrets of combination from a wrecked combiner. In her free time, Moonheart claims she is an "audiophile", although not because she enjoys listening to music - rather, Moonheart is obsessed with Soundwave, all but stalking the Decepticon spymaster, much to Soundwave's annoyance. Moonheart's adoration of Soundwave is so extreme that she won't allow anyone to speak ill of him. This causes a lot of friction with her twin sister Lunaclub, who feels Soundwave is "uncharismatic, boring, and frankly totally creepy". The feeling is mutual - Moonheart dislikes her sister's idolisation of Starscream, which leads to some extreme shouting matches and fights which Megaempress is frequently hard-pressed to break up.

Helicopter mode:

Transformers Unite Warriors Moonheart Helicopter mode

Author notes:

One of the quirks of Moonheart and the rest of the Megatronia combiner team is that each of them, seemingly, is paired up with one of the major Decepticons. Personally, I dislike this idea since in my mind female characters should be able to stand on their own. That's what I made the Soundwave connection secondary to Moonheart's past as a disgraced surgeon (an idea fuelled by reports in the real-world news of similar individuals). I was tempted to exclude the Soundwave connection altogether, but the opportunity to throw in a reference to Moonheart being an "audiophile" - as in, someone who likes music, or in this case, a Soundwave-lover - was too good to pass up, especially with the option of then saying "she calls herself an audiophile, but nobody has ever heard her listen to music".

On the subject of Moonheart's past, her involvement in harvesting components is a story beat that could provide a jumping off point for other stories. In my mind, Moonheart would have been harvesting parts to order for the wealthy - so she'd have been involved in supplying Cybertron's sleazy elites with spare parts, but I also have a feeling that Moonheart might have procured some upgrades for someone like Lockdown, who has an interest in acquiring the systems that give many Cybertronians their unique abilities. Also, as a Decepticon, I see Moonheart being one of the characters who keeps Tarn supplied with fresh transforming cogs, given Tarn's addiction to transforming means he burns through them very quickly.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Moonheart

Transformers Unite Warriors Moonheart

The Megatronia set is one of those toys that I really regret passing on, given it's a set of new (and fun) characters with quirky personalities. Someday I hope I'll be able to track down the set at a more reasonable price than what it is currently selling for.

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