Rest-Q (GoBots)

GoBots Rest-Q

Guardian faction symbol
Name: Rest-Q
Allegiance: Guardians
Function: Medic
Timeline: GoBots Timeline

Alright, let's get you patched up so you can get out of my emergency room.


GoBots Rest-Q robot mode
An extremely level-headed member of Leader-1's Guardian forces, Rest-Q is one of the most versatile members of the Guardians. Not only does he serve as the Guardians' chief physician, providing medical treatment to wounded allies, but he is also an expert mechanic. Rest-Q is skilled in improving the abilities of his fellow Guardians, and likes to spend his off-hours tuning up the Guardians' fleet of Command Centres, upgrading their systems to better counter the Renegades' Thruster shuttles. But even this is not the limit of Rest-Q's talents, as he's a bit of an inventor, having contributed to the development of the prototype Astro-Beam. Rest-Q is a workaholic; he feels that any time spent idle is time wasted, time that could be spent finding ways to further the Guardian cause and bring the civil war with Cy-Kill's Renegades one step closer to its conclusion. Unfortunately, the other Guardians often have to deal with the consequences of Rest-Q's refusal to take time to rest. He's often irritable, a natural cynic, and a little narcissistic, a combination which makes for a poor bedside manner. Rest-Q genuinely means well, and doesn't mean to snap at his patients. Leader-1 has more than once had to give Rest-Q the "mission" of taking some R&R on the Spa Moon to force him to calm down. Unusually for a medic, Rest-Q has very little compassion for members of the Renegade faction - while never directly doing them harm, per the Hippocratic oath, he refuses to treat their wounds, should they find themselves in his medbay.

Ambulance mode:

GoBots Rest-Q Ambulance mode

Author notes:

Rest-Q is the GoBots equivalent of Ratchet, and fun fact: he was voiced by Frank Welker in the cartoon. In writing Rest-Q, I wanted to cover all the different roles he shows up in across the series, which gave me the idea that he'd be a fantastically talented, cranky workaholic. And when I think of cranky doctors, I think of Doctor House. So that's what I did in the end: I created a robot version of Doctor House. That also gave me the idea of making him a bit colder hearted, so he's the kind of guy who will refuse to heal a wounded enemy, unlike Ratchet. He was a fun one to write!

Toys of GoBots Rest-Q

GoBots Rest-Q

GoBots Rest-Q robot mode posed GoBots Rest-Q Ambulance mode alternate angle
Rest-Q was a toy that I had as a kid, along with the Generation 1 Ratchet. I liked him more than Ratchet, on account of the fact he had an actual head on his shoulders! He's a fun and neat little toy, and one who I still enjoy now as an adult.

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