Signal Flare (Transformers Energon)

Transformers Energon Signal Flare

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Signal Flare
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Engineer
Timeline: Unicron Trilogy

My imagination is the key to winning.


Transformers Energon Signal Flare robot mode
Signal Flare and the Omnicons who share his body type are some of the greatest energon welders in the galaxy. He's a little eccentric, and is always experimenting with new ways to apply energon, either to develop new tools or gadgets, or to stimulate healing in damaged Autobots. Most Autobots know when they see Signal Flare in a huddle with a group of fellow Omnicons, talking quietly but excitedly, that something amazing is about to happen. Signal Flare is incredibly curious and inquisitive; if he's not scanning the nearby environment to learn more about his surroundings, then he's analysing the latest bit of new technology to understand how it works, how it can be used to help the Autobots, and how it can be made to work even better. Unfortunately, Signal Flare has a bit of a short attention span. He loves to make discoveries and is always pushing forward to discover new things, but he's distinctly less keen to fully explore theories and develop practical applications. Rather than finish a prototype and refine it, Signal Flare will abandon it in favour of exploring his next big idea. This sadly means that while Signal Flare has come up with many fantastic ideas, very few of them have ever progressed to the point of widespread practical use. One of the few ideas Signal Flare has seen through to near completion is a refinement of repair bay technology. By creating a tank in which he can immerse a wounded Autobot in a solution of liquified energon and other chemicals, Signal Flare has found a way to greatly accelerate the recovery of wounded warriors. The process requires manual regulation, so in addition to being a great engineer, Signal Flare has become a nurse, helping to oversee the recovery of wounded comrades. Signal Flare has tried to come up with a way to automate the regulation of his energon healing tank technology, and develop a portable version to help battlefield medics do their jobs, but he's never got more than halfway to working it all out - mostly because he loses interest as soon as he comes up with his next brilliant idea.

MASER Tank mode:

Transformers Energon Signal Flare MASER Tank mode

Author notes:

Signal Flare is a bit of a blank slate in terms of his character - he never really got to do much on screen in Transformers Energon. So pulling on what I remember of him from the show, I made him a cross between an engineer, an inventor, and a medic. I figure he's the kind of guy who has already invented dozens of revolutionary gadgets and gizmos - but has never actually got past proof of concept on a lot of them, so his quarters are littered with stuff that could change the world, if only it could hold his attention for long enough.

Toys of Transformers Energon Signal Flare

Transformers Energon Signal Flare

Transformers Energon Signal Flare robot mode posed Transformers Energon Signal Flare robot mode alternate pose Transformers Energon Signal Flare robot mode alternate pose 2
Transformers Energon Signal Flare with energon accessories Transformers Energon Signal Flare robot mode with energon combo weapon Transformers Energon Signal Flare MASER tank without energon accessories
This is a cool little toy. The poseability is woefully limited, with no neck movement and very limited hip movement, but that's how the Energon toys were made. Signal Flare looks great and has a couple of cool, unique steps in his transformation, including the way his legs swing around. It's one who has a unique look, so I really enjoy him and the couple of alternate versions of the mold I've picked up along the way.

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