Sireen (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Sireen

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Sireen
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Virologist
Sub-group: Turbo Team
Timeline: Generation 1 (Japanese Generation 1 Timeline)

Good strategy is like good medicine: it keeps people alive.


Transformers Operation Combiner Sireen robot mode
Kind, dedicated, and above all, hard-working, Sireen is the doctor of the Micromaster Combiner corps. While not as skilled as many of his fellow medics, Sireen compensates by being prepared for all eventualities, equipping his body with a huge amount of medical equipment for the purposes of carrying out a wide range of field analyses and repairs. As a young 'bot, Sireen looked up to the great doctors of Cybertron's long and storied history, dreaming one day he might be counted among their number. But unlike his fellow Micromaster, Fixit, Sireen has never been able to claim that he has a gift for medicine. In fact, he was often the bottom of his class, and it was only Fixit's encouragement that made Sireen persevere. Through long hours of study, Sireen was able to realise his talent for planning and analysis. Sireen found that while he lacked the delicate, graceful touch of a surgeon, he was second to none in identifying symptoms and deriving diagnoses. His deductive skills won him the attention of the Autobot military academy, who trained Sireen as a strategist. Here, Sireen forged a life-long friendship with Diego of the Liner Team. Thus, Sireen and Diego together are the Micromaster Combiner corps' strategists. Sireen draws up battle plans which minimise casualties and injuries. Circumstances, and Sireen's analytical skills, have led to him becoming a fine virologist, with an excellent understanding of the various pathogens that may afflict Cybertronians and their treatment. He's a leading expert in the Hate Plague and the Reverse Evolution Virus - and he earnestly hopes that through his work on the latter, he might finally find a way to undo Decepticon brainwashing; in particular, Sireen has made it his personal mission to revert the Wing Team to their former Autobot selves.

Ambulance mode:

Transformers Operation Combiner Sireen Ambulance mode

Author notes:

I wrote Sireen during the height of a Covid lockdown, so viruses and virologists was on my mind when writing this one. Sireen is a natural fit for the role, since within the Micromaster Combiner reissue stories we have the Hate Plague make an appearance via Sixtrain's "red mode", plus the Reverse Evolution virus figures heavily into the plot with both Sixturbo (who is turned evil by it before it is cured) and then Berserker Sixwing. I decided with Sixwing that he was an Autobot originally who was turned evil (based on the original release and his faction-flipped reissue), and then decided to have Sireen be one of the ones trying to find a way to get their friends back to normal.

The inspiration for making Sireen a hard-worker who got where he was through blood, sweat and tears was a reaction to how so many Transformers medics are referred to as gifted or talented - I wanted to show a character who was neither of these things but got where they are through hard study. Sireen seemed a logical fit based on how his character skews more toward strategy - he's crazy prepared with every sort of gadget he needs on hand - and the fact he tries so hard gave me the idea that he could be hard-working, and therefore maybe not such a naturally talented guy. The heavy loadout also gave me the ideas for weaknesses - like how he has a bad back from carrying all this stuff, and how Sireen has stripped out every other function for the sake of carrying more medical gear. He's extremely well specialised for that one thing he does, but it's a crippling over-specialisation.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 Sireen

Transformers Operation Combiner Sireen

Transformers Micromaster Reissue Sireen robot mode, alternate angle Transformers Micromaster Reissue Sireen Ambulance mode, alternare angle
The original Micromasters from Operation Combiner are excessively expensive. Fortunately, they've all been reissued in the early 2000s, and it's the reissue Sireen who I have in my collection.

Sireen's Micromaster toy is cool for a couple of reasons. He's one of the few Micromasters with something approaching a unique transformation, due to the way the front of the ambulance forms the feet by swinging downwards along with the torso rather than just flipping over and standing up like a lot of the Micromasters, and the way the bottom of the ambulance is a separate panel that also flips down. The whole thing is exceptionally well executed, and shows the creativity of the early 90s Transformers designers, even when they only had a handful of moving parts to work with. Second there is the look of the toy, which is a unique look for a Transformer, with the assymetrical chest and the rails of tools over Sireen's head. It just looks very cool and different. Taking these shots has made me appreciate the little guy as a lot more than Sixturbo's leg.

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