SOS (GoBots)

GoBots SOS

Guardian faction symbol
Name: SOS
Allegiance: Guardians
Function: Medical doctor
Timeline: GoBots Timeline

Why stress yourself out working hard, when you have talent to spare?


GoBots SOS robot mode
Part of a new generation of Guardians brought online after the defeat of Cy-Kill, SOS has all the natural talent of a fine medical practitioner. He's got an easy-going, relaxed attitude which radiates out to those around him, helping to put those under his care at ease. Plus, he's a natural expert when it comes to Go-Bot physiology, with a gentle and compassionate touch. So, it's really a pity that SOS prefers to coast through life, relying on his natural talent rather than honing his skills. He's not quite got his head around certain medical concepts, particularly the biology of non-Go-Bot lifeforms, like how humans are made of flesh-and-blood and therefore you can't just "power them down, swap out the energy core, and run an antivirus programme". SOS was originally assigned to Rest-Q for training, but SOS' laid-back nature was a poor fit for Rest-Q's demanding, workaholic regime; SOS preferred to spend his hours partying and slacking off rather than studying the medical texts Rest-Q handed down to him, all to Rest-Q's endless frustration. The two Guardians eventually fell out and became estranged. SOS has gone on to establish his own medical practice; he's even become better known and more widely liked than Rest-Q, all to Rest-Q's eternal irritation. "SOS is a medical malpractice case waiting to happen" Rest-Q once grumbled.

Ambulance mode:

GoBots SOS Ambulance mode

Author notes:

I learned a fair bit about this toy while writing this profile. He's one of the later Machine Robos released in Japan as a part of the CG Robo series - but was brought to Europe under the Robo Machines line. In Japan, the toy's name was Rescue CG (the CG standing for change & glow, reflecting the toy's main gimmicks of transforming and making sounds). It turns out the Robo Machine line gave him the name SOS. The character had no backstory in either region, which left me with a blank canvas to work with, and so I present to you something a bit different from the other medics I've featured this month: a robotic version of Dr Nick from The Simpsons. I suspect if Rescue CG had actually appeared in a series, he'd have been a more traditional, serious doctor type, but since there is no established fiction, I give you something altogether more fun!

One of the things I have added into this bio is where SOS comes into the GoBots timeline. He's a toy who was released well after the rest of the GoBots / Machine Robo toyline (he was released in the 1990s after the bulk of the Machine Robo line had been and gone) so I decided to reflect that in his bio - he's part of a new generation built after Cy-Kill is finally defeated! I've not really thought through what the GoBots timeline looks like after Cy-Kill is finally defeated, but I'd imagine everyone will be tested when a new evil rises up, as so often is the way of things.

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GoBots SOS

Robo Machine SOS Robot mode posed Robo Machine SOS Robot mode alternate pose Robo Machine SOS Ambulance mode, alternate angle
This is one of the more unique toys in my collection. He's about twice the size of your typical GoBot, and has that nice, chunky 90s robot toy feel. He feels like what GoBots could have evolved into if they'd stuck about and had their own "Generation 2". The arms have a lovely range of motion, which is cool, although the legs remain a solid block. The light and sound gimmick is fairly unobtrusive, it's in his chest section and activates by pressing down on the lightbar. It's quite cool. I'm glad to own this one!