Velocity (Transformers Generation 1)

Transformers Generation 1 Velocity

Autobot faction symbol
Name: Velocity
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Physician
Timeline: Generation 1

The best way to enjoy life is to live it without regrets.


Tramnsformers Velocity robot mode by Alex Milne
A recent graduate of Caminus' top medical school, Velocity (Lotty to her friends) knows there is a big universe out there, full of things she's yet to experience. She is aware of the years of practical experience that lie ahead of her before she can even begin to claim to be a true physician. But even with this humble outlook, nothing could have ever prepared Velocity for what she'd experience on board the Lost Light (granted, given the ship's reputation for getting into crazy cosmic adventures, the same could be said for a grizzled veteran like Kup). Velocity is known for her cheery attitude, which means she quickly makes new friends. Her enthusiasm and skill helps put those coming to her for medical treatment at ease, even though she's less experienced then Ratchet or First Aid. Velocity is quickly gaining a lot of practical experience thanks to the various strange occurrences she's encountering on a daily basis. Moreover, although Velocity won't stand for injustice, her lack of exposure to the Cybertronian war means she has no concept of Autobot or Decepticon. Velocity is not just healing the bodies of those under her care; operating in a post-war era means she is helping those around her mend old grudges and let go of longstanding hatreds. Velocity does all of this with a smile. "You've got to enjoy life, always" she says, "and that means living while holding no grudges. Live without regrets." Some of the more cynical, battle-hardened 'bots around Velocity initially thought this was an overly optimistic view on life; those same 'bots have been quickly won to Velocity's philosophy. Enjoy life. No regrets.

Alternate mode: Pontiac Firebird

Author notes:

Velocity is a character who is a relatively new addition to the wider Transformers mythos, and she hasn't yet had a toy - hence for this post, I'm featuring the artwork of the character drawn by Alex Milne for her debut in the More than Meets the Eye comic series. She's a character who I've really looked forward to featuring as a part of this character profiling project for a while, as she represents a new and different type of character that has been introduced into the Transformers mythos.

Velocity won a place in my heart for her strong performance in the More than Meets the Eye and Lost Light comic series. I am extremely happy that she got to make a comeback in Transformers vs Terminator, and I'll add that if Hasbro does want to have Velocity turn up again in future Transformers series, giving her an alternate mode based on the Pontiac Firebird like she was in that series would be a fantastic way to bring her into the fold - and hey, maybe it'll even help get her a toy like her fellow Lost Light crewmember Nautica.

Velocity's motto is inspired by her line in one of the later More than Meets the Eye comics where, facing death the following day, she says "The last few months have been revelatory. That's what I'd like it to say on my spark chamber: no regrets." After rereading that, I knew the motto needed to reference no regrets in some way, and while it took a bit of thought, I eventually worked in a motto I myself live by: enjoy life. Combining the two gave me a beautifully philosophical motto that completely sums up the character of Velocity.