Cyberwarp (Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Profiles)

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Cyberwarp

Decepticons faction symbol
Name: Cyberwarp
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Propagandist
Timeline: Aligned Continuity

Deep down, we are all children of Primus.


Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Cyberwarp robot mode
Calm, educated, and eloquent, Cyberwarp is a true believer in the Decepticon movement's ideologies and Megatron's vision of a free and equal Cybertron. With her intelligence and ideals, she could easily have served on the Cybertronian senate - were it not for the fact that she was constructed as a courier, and thus barred from office by the oppressive caste system that existed on pre-war Cybertron. Cyberwarp was uneasy at using armed revolution to achieve reform, but she accepted that there was no other choice, and that the ends would justify the means. Decepticon propaganda and the encouragement of her squadron commander, Cyclonus, ensured that Cyberwarp never looked back. Cyberwarp truly believed that the Autobots took no prisoners; she was one of a team of Decepticons in charge of reporting Autobot "war crimes" to motivate the Decepticon army, unknowingly furthering the spread of Decepticon propaganda. In time, Cyberwarp's voice became known as "the voice of the revolution". When Cybertron was rendered uninhabitable, Cyberwarp and her squadron withdrew to Chaar to await further orders. Years passed; when they learned that the Decepticons had been defeated and Cybertron had been revived, Cyclonus developed a plan to ensure the revived Cybertron would function according to Megatron's will, preparing the world for the day Megatron returned to claim it. Serving as Cyclonus' right hand, Cyberwarp continues to be the voice of the revolution, now serving as spokeswoman of Cyclonus' false Autobot High Council. But Cyberwarp has begun to question herself. The Cybertron she returned to was finally at peace, and the population were free and equal, unbound by caste systems and corrupt, self-interested leaders, even if they were not living by Decepticon ideals. Doubts fester in Cyberwarp's mind, and more than once she has stopped to ask if a better way is possible.

Cybertronian VTOL aircraft mode:

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Cyberwarp Cybertronian VTOL aircraft mode

Author notes:

Cyberwarp is one of those characters who only has a very small amount of screentime, but poses some fascinating story beats. All we see of this Decepticon in Robots in Disguise is her appearance in the final two episodes where she is broadcasting brainwashing messages to Cybertron, yet is very conflicted about what she is doing. I truly wish we'd seen more of her, given the importance of her and the rest of the fake Decepticon Council to the wider story of Robots in Disguise. I took these breadcrumbs - and her line at the end of the finale where she says "there must be a better way" and fleshed out the character by asking myself a few questions like "where did Cyberwarp come from", "what did she do during the backstory of Prime" and "how did her opinion change". I figured Cyberwarp's role might have been the same when she was with the Decepticons - maybe she's always been in propaganda? I figure she wouldn't be a fan of violence, given the distaste she shows to such things in her appearance, which leads me to think she'd have been a genuine believer in the social reform championed by Megatron.

Essentially, I used Cyberwarp's appearance in Robots in Disguise as the endpoint and worked backwards!

There's a little easter egg in there for Generation 1 fans. I needed a planet for Cyberwarp to be on with Cyclonus and the rest during the events of Transformers Prime. Given Cyclonus is best known for the 1986 animated movie and the third season of the G1 cartoon, where the Decepticons were based on Chaar, I figured that in the Aligned Continuity that's where a few of the Decepticon holdouts would have holed up, awaiting the call to retake Cybertron. Although it's not in the bio, in my mind while the team were on Chaar they'd have fully mastered the combiner ability like we see in the final of Robots in Disguise.

Toys of Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Cyberwarp

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Cyberwarp

Cyberwarp's toy is okay. Nothing amazing. She's a very simple toy and geared mainly toward forming an arm for the Galvatronus combiner set. Her vehicle mode is pretty cool - it's nothing spectacular, but it's a good Cybertronian alternate mode which coincidentally fits in very well with the likes of Siege Sixgun as a Cybertronian VTOL craft. The robot mode is not great. It feels like something out of Generation 1, and not in a cool throwback sort of way. I get the Robots in Disguise Combiner sets were meant to be discount sets focused on the combined forms, but when the characters in the sets are the only versions of the characters I'd have hoped for something better.

Even so, I am thankful a toy even exists, given the number of major characters in Robots in Disguise (2015) who never got toys.

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