X-Gunner (Transformers Generation 1 Profiles)

Transformers Generation 1 X-Gunner

Mercenaries faction symbol Decepticons faction symbol
Name: X-Gunner
Allegiance: Decepticons, Mercenaries
Function: Aerial Assault
Timeline: Generation 1

True strength is found only in the heart of battle!


Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner robot mode
X-Gunner was always an awkward fit among the Autobots. A combat maniac from the moment he came online, X-Gunner has studied over a dozen forms of armed and unarmed combat and undergone a dozen upgrades, all in the pursuit of greater physical power. This quest bordered onto an obsession for X-Gunner - he made no compromises in his quest to increase his individual power. The only thing that equals X-Gunner's desire for physical power is his desire to demonstrate just how powerful and skilled he is. During his time with the Autobots, X-Gunner was always being reprimanded for his violent, destructive combat style and for disobeying orders to pick fights with powerful opponents. X-Gunner was even known for picking fights with fellow Autobots when he was bored and there were no suitable Decepticons to fight. This culminated in an infamous incident where X-Gunner started a fight with the Dinobots that left over a dozen Autobots injured, and levelled a small town. X-Gunner was dishonourably discharged following a court martial, where the only words he spoke in his defence were to demand trial by combat. X-Gunner was supposed to be transported to Garrus-9 for imprisonment; however, X-Gunner had no intention of rotting in prison, and escaped using an improvised explosive. Now a wanted fugitive, X-Gunner became a mercenary, showing absolutely no hesitation at the prospect of working with same Decepticons that a few stellar cycles earlier had been his bitter enemies. Like fellow mercenary Lockdown, X-Gunner's preferred form of payment is advanced technology; he reserves the right to claim the special abilities and weapon systems of his defeated foes, as he continues his relentless quest to become stronger and more powerful. In particular, X-Gunner desires the Gauntlet Frame launcher wielded by his brother Delta Seeker, which he intends to use to improve the capabilities of his own arm cannon.

Jet mode:

Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner Jet mode

Author notes:

X-Gunner's original motto was unique by Transformers standards. It's more like he was exchanging trash-talk with Delta Seeker, who he came packed with. For this post, I took the essence of that motto - X-Gunner's statement on where he feels strength is found - and turned it into a more traditional sounding Transformers motto. It's still not perfect, but I feel it at least nails the basic feel of the character and the philosophy that he lives by.

This character is almost a blank slate for characterisation. He's basically got two character traits: he wants to upgrade himself by stealing his rival's arm cannon, and he used to be an Autobot. The rest was up to me. I decided to think about other characters who X-Gunner might be associated with and how he'd fit into the Decepticon forces. His whole thing is about acquiring upgrades, so maybe he's teamed up with Lockdown, who has a similar motive? That gave me the idea that X-Gunner isn't a Decepticon, but one of the new mercenary faction characters that have been introduced in 2020. That also helps establish how he fits into the Decepticon ranks as a former Autobot, and gave me some ideas for the personality: he got kicked out of the Autobots for being too violent / he quit because his methods were against the Autobot code.

Toys of Transformers Generation 1 X-Gunner

Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner

Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner robot mode, posed Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner with Gauntlet Frame Launcher loaded Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner robot mode, alternate pose Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner vs Delta Seeker
Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner Jet mode, alternate angle Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner Jet mode on flight stand 1 Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner Jet mode on flight stand 2 Transformers Robot Masters X-Gunner Jet mode on flight stand 3
The Cyberjets were neat little molds that debuted in Generation 2, and I feel like this release is one of the best looking versions of the mold. He's very nicely poseable, but holds some poses better than others. Hasbro hadn't fully worked out heel spurs to help with balance when this one arrived.

X-Gunner came in a two-pack with Delta Seeker, who is his rival, which is a really cool battle-in-a-box setup. I like this set, and am glad I was able to pick it up at a convention a few years back.

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