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'Allo 'allo, what's all this then?

The story of this place is very much a continuation of my story with Transformers. It's a story that started back in 1984 when I first met the robots in disguise. I had the original cartoon, a shoebox full of toys, and the comic that my dad read to me at bedtimes (yes, my bedtime stories were of Bumblebee and Blaster fighting Scraplets, or Spider-Man fighting Venom... my dad is awesome like that).

To say that laid a foundation for a lifelong interest in science fiction, superheroes, and toy robots would be a colossal understatement.

Through my life, I've always followed Transformers in its many incarnations. Back around 2000 I joined a little Transformers forum called TFW2005, writing news and reviews, and eventually taking photos of many, many toys. Under the guidance of various members of staff there I really found my love of taking Transformers photos.

Along the way I started posting some of my pics on social media. And in writing the captions, I realised something I'd always known.

I enjoy writing. Specifically I enjoy making up stories about toy robots.

Back when I was a kid, Marvel Comics published Transformers Universe, a collection of the profiles of the first three years of Transformers characters. I used to love that series and spent hours reading it. I was right there when Dreamwave and IDW published their own profile books.

But something always bothered me. There's so many characters that never got the love of those kinds of profiles. What about Beast Machines, Robots in Disguise or Transformers Prime?

And I love writing on robots. So why not write my own?

That's where this place comes in. Call this the next step in me sharing my love of Transformers, my collection, my photos and my writing. Everything here is my own personal take on the lore and the characters based on a lifetime of reading their stories, and none of it should be taken as the canonical backstories.

My favourite childhood Transformers toy - Targetmaster Hot Rod - and his Masterpiece counterpart