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This page is a complete listing of all the characters who I have written profiles for, organised by their timeline, era where appropriate, and faction. This is an ongoing listing which is updated on a regular basis as a part of the "Transformers Multiverse" project, so be sure to check in periodically for updates to the list of characters who I've featured on this site.

The Generation 1 timeline

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Alpha Trion  Alpha Trion Barricade  Barricade
Aragon  Aragon Bludgeon  Bludgeon
Ariel  Ariel Buzzsaw  Buzzsaw
Bluestreak  Bluestreak Carnivac  Carnivac
Bumblebee  Bumblebee Cyclonus  Cyclonus
Burn Out  Burn Out Flatline  Flatline
Cromar  Cromar Frenzy  Frenzy
Crosshairs  Crosshairs Galvatron  Galvatron
Dion  Dion Glit  Glit
Drift  Drift Grand Galvatron  Grand Galvatron
Erector  Erector Laserbeak  Laserbeak
First Aid  First Aid Megatron  Megatron
Fixit  Fixit Mining Unit D-14 "Megatronus"  Mining Unit D-14 "Megatronus"
Fusion  Fusion Moonheart  Moonheart
Grapple  Grapple Ravage  Ravage
Grimlock  Grimlock Reflector  Reflector
Grimstone  Grimstone Rumble  Rumble
Hoist  Hoist Scourge  Scourge
Hound  Hound Shockwave  Shockwave
Inferno  Inferno Skywarp  Skywarp
Ironhide  Ironhide Soundwave  Soundwave
Jazz  Jazz Starscream  Starscream
Jetfire  Jetfire Straxus  Straxus
Lifeline  Lifeline Tarn  Tarn
Mirage  Mirage Terror-Daxtyl  Terror-Daxtyl
Optimus Prime  Optimus Prime Thundercracker  Thundercracker
Orion Pax  Orion Pax Wrecker Hook  Wrecker Hook
Prowl  Prowl X-Gunner  X-Gunner
Ratchet  Ratchet
Red Alert  Red Alert
Roller  Roller
Sideswipe  Sideswipe
Sideswipe (Generation 2) Sideswipe (Generation 2)
Slag  Slag
Sludge  Sludge
Smashdown  Smashdown
Smokescreen  Smokescreen
Snarl  Snarl
Soundbarrier  Soundbarrier
Stepper  Stepper
Sunstreaker  Sunstreaker
Swoop  Swoop
Tracks  Tracks
Velocity  Velocity
Wheeljack  Wheeljack
Zetar  Zetar
Double Agents faction symbol
The symbol of the Senate of Cybertron
Double Agents Senate of Cybertron
Alpha Bravo  Alpha Bravo Sentinel Prime  Sentinel Prime
Doublecrosser  Doublecrosser
Doubledealer  Doubledealer
Punch / Counterpunch  Punch / Counterpunch

The Beast era portion of the Generation 1 timeline.

Maximal faction symbol
Predacons faction symbol
Maximals Predacons
Cheetor (Beast Machines) Cheetor (Beast Machines) Galvatron  Galvatron
Heinrad  Heinrad Injector  Injector
Santon  Santon
Torca  Torca
Ultra Mammoth  Ultra Mammoth
Vehicon faction symbol
Mutants faction symbol
Vehicons Mutants
Diagnostic Drone  Diagnostic Drone Poison Bite  Poison Bite

The Japanese Generation 1 timeline.

Autobot faction symbol
Minerva  Minerva
Sireen  Sireen

The Movieverse (live action movies)

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Drift  Drift Scalpel  Scalpel
Ratchet  Ratchet
The Dinobots  The Dinobots
Double Agents faction symbol
Double Agents
Sentinel Prime  Sentinel Prime
Wheelie  Wheelie

The Unicron Trilogy timeline

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Red Alert  Red Alert Brimstone  Brimstone
Signal Flare  Signal Flare Cruellock  Cruellock
Galvatron  Galvatron
Hardtop  Hardtop
Mudflap  Mudflap
Sharkticon  Sharkticon
Slugslinger  Slugslinger
Wheeljack  Wheeljack
Chaos (Unicron) faction symbol
Double Agents faction symbol
Chaos Double Agents
Ramjet  Ramjet
Sideways  Sideways

The Aligned Continuity

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Cliffjumper  Cliffjumper Cyberwarp    Cyberwarp
Grimlock  Grimlock Knock Out  Knock Out
Ratchet  Ratchet
Seaspray  Seaspray

Car Robots (Robots in Disguise 2001) timeline

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Kenzan  Kenzan Axer  Axer
Sideways  Sideways

Transformers Animated timeline

Autobot faction symbol
Decepticons faction symbol
Autobots Decepticons
Grimlock  Grimlock Dark Rodimus  Dark Rodimus
Minerva  Minerva Shockwave  Shockwave
Ratchet  Ratchet
Snarl  Snarl
Swoop  Swoop
The Dinobots  The Dinobots

Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass Decepticons faction symbol
Heroic Decepticons
Sideswipe  Sideswipe

The GoBots Timeline

Guardian faction symbol
Rest-Q  Rest-Q

Multiversal entities

Deities / Celestials

The symbol of the Celestials
Chaos (Unicron) faction symbol
Lords of Order Chaos
Primus  Primus Unicron  Unicron

The Thirteen

The Liege Maximo's personal symbol
Liege Maximo  Liege Maximo